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David Church

Genres: Traditional Country
Specialty: Vocals and Guitar

davidchurch_thumbFor those who loved the sound of the late Hank Williams, no one does it better than David Church, who can perform solo, but prefers to perform with a five-piece band for authentic sound. An oft-requested artist, the "Midwest Country" shows always sell out when Church is performing.

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Bernie & Red

Genres: Comedy
Specialty: Comedy, Music Routines

Bernie_Red_LGBernie & Red are two of the most popular performers to entertain Winter Texans. Shows sell out regularly. This Canadian duo ties their English-Irish heritage to their lively variety shows, which feature music and comedy routines that keep the audiences in stitches.

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Gordy & Debbie

Genres:Country, 50’s & 60’s, Gospel, Patriotic Music, Comedy
Specialty: Vocals

Gordy-and-DebbieWith over a quarter century of success in the entertainment industry, Gordy and Debbie Kaye Wensel bring their Branson show to South Texas during Winter Texan season.  The show is an upbeat variety show that is a mixture of country, music from the 50’s and 60’s, gospel and patriotic music combined with comedy and suitable for all audiences.

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Auntie Kreamsaugen

Genres: Comedy
Specialty: Comedy Routines

Auntie Kreamsaugen THUMBDarlene Rolle's character Auntie Kreamsaugen was born in 2005 at Jaspers Theater - a family owned and operated variety show in Park Rapids, Minn. In December 2010, Rolle's "Kreamsaugen" debuted in her first solo show, "Just Plain Funny," in senior parks throughout the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

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Heart to Heart

Genres: Country, Gospel, 50's & 60's Top 40, Doo-Wop, R&B, Patriotic, Comedy & Rockabilly
Specialty: Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard

HearttoHeart Jerry n Sharon THUMBSharon and Jerry Mays, better known as Heart To Heart, "The Heart & Soul of Branson, Mo." bring a brand new variety show to the RGV each season, power packed with toe-tapping, hand-clapping Country, Gospel, 50's & 60's Top 40, Doo-Wop, a little Old Rock and R&B, Patriotic, Comedy—a little of everything for an all-around good time for everyone!

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One More Time

Genres: Musical Comedy Variety, Vaudeville, Broadway, Vegas-style
Specialty: Vocals, Keyboard

The Beahms-IllustrationOne More Time is Larry and Melissa Beahm, the Musical Comedy Variety Duo. Traveling throughout the country, One More Time focuses on providing excellent music and tasteful humor for the boomers and seniors of our great United States. “Fifty-five plus” communities, RV parks, churches and senior centers hire One More Time to perform their musical comedy variety shows: professional yet personal Vaudevillian/Broadway/ Vegas-type shows!

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The Horns

Genres: Traditional Country, Country Rock, and 50s & 60s Rock-n-Roll
Specialty: Vocal Harmony, Duets, and Impersonations

TheHorns-WEBWe hail from the Show-Me state of Missouri and have been entertaining in the Rio Grande Valley for five years. We've been playing music for dances since the mid 60s with a wide variety of music from traditional country music to 50s & 60s Rock-n-Roll.

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Kerry Christensen

Genres: Instrumentals, Yodeling
Specialty: Yodeling, Vocals, Alphorn & Zither

KerryChristensen_thumbNational yodeling champion and former Disney World entertainer Kerry Christensen yodels everything from Indian love calls to Alpine Swiss, German, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, cowboy, classical and humorous -- even chicken styles of yodeling.

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Alaska String Band

Genres: Bluegrass, Old-Time Gospel, Swing, Blues, Original
Specialty: Guitar, Violin, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass

AlaskasFamilyKnown for their lively collection of bluegrass, old-time gospel, swing, blues, Celtic, original music and energetic dancing, the Alaska String Band is also known for their original costumes that reflect the Alaskan artistic lifestyle, culture and traditions.

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Ball Ranch Family

Genres: Country, Western Swing, Gospel
Specialty: Vocals, Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar

Ball-Ranch-Family_photoThe Ball Ranch Family Western Music Show features old-fashioned western music including songs like "Tumblin' Tumble Weed," "Spanish Eyes," "Ole San Antone" and "Take Me Back to Tulsa" with fiddle, banjo and guitar music.

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Bill Brooks

Genres: Country, Easy-listening, Gospel, Oldies
Specialty: Elvis & Friends

billbrooks_thumbKnown around the Rio Grande Valley as Elvis Presley, Bill J. Brooks has the ability to look like Elvis, dress like Elvis and sound like Elvis. He is perhaps the most popular Elvis impersonator in the Rio Grande Valley. From "Blue Suede Shoes" to Elvis' gospel songs, Brooks does them all.

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Bruce and Elaine Nelson

Genres: Country, Gospel, Rock & Roll
Specialty: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel

ShindigPhotoIt's music like Nashvilled USED to do!!! We listen to the "heart" of our audience and give you what you want to hear with an energetic, toe-tapping, heart-warming delivery. Our music is classic country, bluegrass, gospel, more and more originals, romantic songs from past eras, classic rock-n-roll, and you get just enough family-style humor in our show to tickle your funny bone.

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Cowboy & Hobo Show

Genres: Country Western, Folk, 50's, 60's and 70's Rock & Roll
Specialty: Close Vocal Harmony's, Accoustic Electric Guitars, Modified Upright Bass

The-Cowboy-and-Hobo-SHow-picture_barrell_thumbOne of the most popular groups to be seen in the Valley consists of The Cowboy "Cactus Willie", aka Charles Casterline, The Hobo "Boxcar Bob", aka Robert Selby and The "Drifter", aka Wil Kelley. Casterline is the nephew of famed Blue Grass Legend, "Lester Flatt" who visited their rural So. Carolina home often and along with Casterlines Mother who did live radio commercials, peaked Casterlines interest in music and influenced his picking style.

Read more: Cowboy & Hobo Show


Duroucher Family

Genres: Bluegrass, Gospel
Specialty: Vocals

Durocher-Press-Photo_thumbOne of the Valley's newer groups is the Duroucher Family of Minnesota, known for their bluegrass music and Christian ministries in camps, rescue missions, churches and prisons. The family includes 12 children. Older children perform, younger children sing, while the adorable four-year-old claps and grins at the audience.


Read more: Duroucher Family


Farnum Family

Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Gospel, Irish, Old-Time and Western
Specialty: Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass, Piano and Penny Whistle

Farnum_Family_BIGFrom Galena, Missouri, is a six-piece family band that plays a lively blend of bluegrass, folk, gospel, Irish, novelty and old-time western music. They love to perform tunes that will have you tapping your foot and singing right along, or take you down memory lane. And a few songs may make you laugh out loud!

Read more: Farnum Family


Fred and Sheila Pelletier

Genres: Country, Bluegrass, 50s and 60s, Jazz, Gospel
Specialty: Vocals, Guitar

20120105_PelletierIn the RGV as the Pelletier Family last year, Freddie and Sheila return this year with a brand new show full of fun and surprises. Their show will feature songs from the American folk songbook, magic hits of the 50’s and 60’s, jazz and gospel. They’ll also play some of what their known for - Freddie, for his Chet Atkins style guitar picking instrumentals and Sheila, for yodeling and singing classic country.

Read more: Fred and Sheila Pelletier


Gary Crain

Genres: Comedy
Specialty: Vocals, Standup Comedy

garycrain_thumbShazamm! It's Gomer Pyle from Mayberry! Or at least that is what viewers will think when Gary Crain performs his comedy routines. In addition to Gomer, Crain does impersonations of Bill Clinton, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Walter Brennan.

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Halbrook Family

Genres: Bluegrass, Traditional Country
Specialty: Comedy, Vocals, Instruments

The Halbrook family has entertained thousands of people all across the united States for decades. With a unique brand of Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music, plus their side splitting humor, guests will leave thoroughly amazed. They have had very successful music/dinner theatres in both Arizona and Texas.

Read more: Halbrook Family


James Marvell

Genres: Country, Golden Oldies Rock
Specialty: Guitar & Vocals

James_Marvell_web_thumbFrom his 1960's million-sell "Love can Make You Happy" with the group Mercy to his 2008 number one hit, "Embrace the World," which rose to the top of the Gospel music charts, James Marvell has had a varied musical career.

Read more: James Marvell



Genres: Broadway, Bluegrass, Pop & Yodeling
Specialty: Vocals, Dance, Comedy

Jennifer_Wilson_thumbBranson star Jennifer Wilson-Browning, who for many years headlined the show "Jennifer-in-the-Morning" and was known as "the Girl with the Million Dollar Smile" is known for the musical variety, dancing, singing comedy and costume changes that go with her show.

Read more: Jennifer


Jerry Bennett

Genres: Country Gospel, Southern Gospel
Specialty: Keyboard, Vocals, Songwriter

JerryBennettThere is just nobody like him entertaining in the Rio Grande Valley. When Jerry Bennett sits down at a piano and starts clinking the keys to create a honky-tonk beat and sing a song, people start smiling, nodding their heads or swaying to the music. Jerry performs a mix of country and gospel that delights the crowds who come out to see him.

Read more: Jerry Bennett


Jim Owen

Genres: Country
Specialty: Vocals, Songwriter, Actor

20081211-JimOwen_bw_thumbCountry Singer and songwriter Jim Owen has been making appearances in the Rio Grande Valley during the winter season for the past two years. He is known for his offbeat humor and from-the-heart style of singing.

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John Rex Reeves

Genres: Country
Specialty: Vocals

John-Reeves_thumbJohn Rex Reeves, nephew of "Gentleman Jim Reeves," is known for his tribute to his late uncle. Jim Reeves was known for such country hits as "He'll Have to Go," "I Guess I'm Crazy," and "Am I Losing You?" When not in the Rio Grande Valley Reeves can be found on the Midwest Country Show, satellite RFD TV on Saturday nights.

Read more: John Rex Reeves


Laughing Bird

Genres: Comedy, Folk, Acoustic Rock, Bluegrass
Specialty: Guitar, Dobro, Bajola, Harmonica

laughingbird_thumbTupelo and Janey Wing Kenyon put on a highly entertaining music and comedy show. The show is a lively mix of original contemporary folk music with overtones of country, bluegrass and light acoustic rock, all designed to make the audience laugh and have a good time.

Read more: Laughing Bird


Lindley Creek's Greer Family

Genres: Bluegrass
Specialty: Vocals, Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin, Upright Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Rythm Guitar

Lindley-CreekMusic has always been important to the Greer family. Kathie Greer’s parents were into playing bluegrass music. While it was not the main focus of the family, it was always important. John and Kathie were country music fans until Tate started repeating some of the lyrics he was hearing. They refocused their interest into bluegrass.

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