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Winter Texan Times http://www.wintertexantimes.com/ Wed, 04 May 2016 11:39:03 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-us Geocaching Treasure Hunt http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1403-geocaching-treasure-hunt.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1403-geocaching-treasure-hunt.html

Del Zander, a Winter Texan living at Retama Village in Mission, thinks geocaching is a great hobby for those who travel a lot, while Mission resident Eddie Olivarez found he was hooked when he was looking for something to keep his daughter busy while supporting his son during sporting event road trips.

Zander found that stopping a couple of hours at a geocache location gives him and his wife a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs a bit while searching for something out of the ordinary. Best of all, it is a hobby that does not cost anything to participate.


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Bob Corriveau is master woodcarver http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1402-bob-corriveau-is-master-woodcarver.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1402-bob-corriveau-is-master-woodcarver.html

Woodcarving is both art and avocation for Bob Corriveau of Eagle Creek, Wis. and Tropic Star RV & MH Resort. All of his pieces have won ribbons at various woodcarving shows, and two sculptures have won top awards in the World Fish Carving Championships.

“Pumpkin Seed,” a carving of a Sunfish, was awarded first place, Judges' Choice, and Best in Category for Novice Level, while “Black Crappie” won third place for Novice Level in the same show.


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RV Park creates habitat for native and migratory butterflies http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1401-rv-park-creates-habitat-for-native-and-migratory-butterflies.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1401-rv-park-creates-habitat-for-native-and-migratory-butterflies.html

MISSION, Texas, April 4, 2016 — Development in the Rio Grande Valley and across Texas is great for the economy, but not for the region’s famed Monarch butterflies, which are rapidly losing habitat along with other butterfly species.

But Oleander Acres RV Park is doing something about it.              

During the past six months, Winter Texans and park staff have planted more than 200 milkweeds, creating more than a dozen butterfly gardens across the park that are attracting about 100 different types of butterflies.


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McAllen Chamber plans Sizzling in the Tropics Cook-off http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1397-mcallen-chamber-plans-sizzling-in-the-tropics-cook-off.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1397-mcallen-chamber-plans-sizzling-in-the-tropics-cook-off.html

On April 2 the McAllen Chamber of Commerce will hold their “Sizzling in the Tropics” Bar-B-Q Cook-off at the Chamber of Commerce located at 1200 Ash Ave. The event will last from noon to 5 p.m. Barbecued beef brisket, chicken, pulled pork, pork ribs, Jackpot pan de campo and Jackpot beans will be served.

Live music will be provided by Sergio and Ropin’ the Wind, Eddie Saenz, Clueless, TR3N and Last Minute Band.

Tickets are $15 per person and guests can sample all they can eat. Tickets are available at the chamber of commerce. Call (956) 682-2871 for more information.

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Golden Age Olympics winners announced http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1395-golden-age-olympics-winners-announced.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1395-golden-age-olympics-winners-announced.html

Results of the 2016 Golden Age Olympics sponsored by the City of McAllen’s Parks and Recreation Department have been announced. Golden Olympics is an athletic completion open to all Winter Texans in the Valley.

Bake-off Winners

In the Bake-off winners of bars were first, Sharon Branson, Tip O Texas; second, June Mueller, McAllen Mobile, third Julie Pederson, McAllen Mobile. Cake winners were first, Carolyn Adams, Tip O Texas; second Barbara Porter, McAllen Mobile; third, Peggie Becker, Tip O Texas.

Winners of the cookie competition were first, Ruby Insell, Tip O Texas; second, Sandy Lammers, McAllen Mobile, third, Beverly Oby, McAllen Mobile. Cupcake winners were P. Nenette McHenry, independent; second, Beverly Oby, McAllen Mobile; third, Ruby Insell, Tip O Texas.


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It’s time to say farewell http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1394-it-s-time-to-say-farewell.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1394-it-s-time-to-say-farewell.html

Another season is drawing to a close and the excitement of having so many warm and friendly people staying among us and taking part in the many concerts, festivals and special events for Winter Texans is ending. Although the roads are more crowded and restaurants busier when Winter Texans are here, it seems as though something is missing when they leave.

The style shows, the picnics, and other special events planned for Winter Texans, the reunions where they get together with people who had similar vocations, who are from the same location, or who support the same home sports teams are coming to an end. Theses events keep me hopping and I enjoy them and am often mistaken for a Winter Texan myself, though I’ve lived in the Valley 45 years.


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Golden Age Olympics Horseshoes: It’s like a family reunion http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1393-golden-age-olympics-horseshoes-it-s-like-a-family-reunion.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1393-golden-age-olympics-horseshoes-it-s-like-a-family-reunion.html

Horseshoe pitching can be a serious sport with leagues, tournaments, and world championships for players of all levels, but at the Golden Age Olympics horseshoes competition held at Tropic Star RV Park Winter Texans gathered to just have fun.

Georgia Burke, who won first place in Category B, the class for those who pitch a 40 percent or higher average, is a world tournament player. Georgia, along with four other Winter Texans from Oklahoma, is part of Oklahoma’s Hall of Fame in the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA).

“I pitched horseshoes since I was a little bitty kid with my grandpa in the backyard,” Georgia said with a smile. “Twenty, twenty-five years ago, I started pitching in the League. I’ve gone to thirteen world tournaments, and that’s since I retired; only went one time before I retired. What I like best about horseshoe pitching is the competition and meeting people. I have friends from all over the United States, Canada, South Africa, Norway. When we go to the world tournament, it’s like a family reunion; we see all the people we met last year.”


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Bit O’ Heaven has Mardi Gras costume dance http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1388-bit-o-heaven-has-mardi-gras-costume-dance.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1388-bit-o-heaven-has-mardi-gras-costume-dance.html

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, residents of Bit O’ Heaven RV Park in Donna celebrated Fat Tuesday with a costumed dance. Many residents were dressed up in costumes, from traditional Mardi Gras clown or jester costumes to other colorful characters.

There were costumes from the Colonial era, leprechauns, kings and queens, waitresses serving drinks, and ladies looking like genies just released from their bottles, and other colorful garb. Many residents had fancy masks or colorful bow ties or other items that go with Mardi Gras celebrations. Gold, green and purple beads were passed out to party participants.


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Bicycle club, quilters honor WWII Veterans http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1387-bicycle-club-quilters-honor-wwii-veterans.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1387-bicycle-club-quilters-honor-wwii-veterans.html

As flag after flag was retired by flame, as tradition goes, tenants at the W & I Resort stood proudly and looked on as new flags fluttered in the wind.

Saturday, Feb. 26, the W & I Resort’s Bicycle Club had its flag retirement ceremony for the second year in a row. The ceremony this year honored the resort’s retired World War II veterans, Cecil Massie, Willis Boynton, Barnie Mossburg and Bob Schawb, who sat in the front row with their wives and were saluted by the many other veterans living in the community.

Garry Davidson, a 77-year-old from Miami, Oklahoma, who spent eight years in the Army Reserves, organized the event both this year and last.


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Livestock Show offers many adventures for Winter Texans http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1386-livestock-show-offers-many-adventures-for-winter-texans.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1386-livestock-show-offers-many-adventures-for-winter-texans.html

The Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show is always filled with fun things to do and many Winter Texans go year after year. But this year when the Winter Texan Times visited, many of the Winter Texans interviewed had never been to the livestock show before. To them it was a new experience that they were enjoying immensely.

The first stop the I made was to the antique farm equipment barn. There Dennis Duke, a blacksmith from Jamaica, Iowa, had a setup where he was heating metal and making what appeared to be metal parts for a wagon or buggy. He was attracting many visitors who watched him form the hot metal into pieces that could possible be used on some of the antique farm equipment. Another live display included rope making.


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Painted Cup farewell party is fun http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1385-painted-cup-farewell-party-is-fun.html http://www.wintertexantimes.com/news/1385-painted-cup-farewell-party-is-fun.html

In a recent meeting my publisher and I were looking at the Parks Calendar to see what activities were still going on in the parks. He saw the Painted Cup Farewell Party listed at Pharr South. “Hmm, painting cups. Sounds interesting. Why don’t you go out there and see what that’s all about.”

I agreed and put it on my list of things to do.

Surprise! They were not painting cups! They were having a farewell party sponsored by the residents of Painted Cup Street! This is the 28th year Painted Cup has sponsored the last block party of the year.


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