Victoria Palms presents ventriloquist comedy show

20130110 Victoria Palms Bob and Marty Hammill Show KO 3490Bringing high-level entertainment to the Rio Grande Valley for another season, Victoria Palms Resort featured Bob and Marty Hamill and Phillip Jones who delighted the audience with a highly-entertaining comedy show on Thursday, Jan. 3.

Besides their performances in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, the trio have been regular performers for many of the cruise lines.

Marty, who bills himself as a rapidly recovering anorexic, reminded Winter Texans of the good old days when there was only one television in the family and they were their parents remote controls when the channel needed to be changed.

He explained how, as a child in a large family without too many toys, he had developed sock characters to help him practice the skill of ventriloquism after watching old-time ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson on television. Using a plain white sock he created a very believable shy puppet who was a bit on the sassy side.

He also introduced Sidney, a retiree who lives in Florida and sits around complaining about his wife, Phillis, played by Marty Hamill. Phyllis goes to the salon to get mudpacks for her skin. Sidney says she looks fine for three days until the mudpacks fall off.

Bob then introduced Phillip Jones of South Carolina, who is an expert at polyphony, the creation of sounds like thunder, jet engines, gunfire and other such sounds as if they were real and happening around you. In the character of Sgt. Sam Phillips performed the sound a thunder, an umbrella opening, rain pouring down, a coke pour from a can, bees and flies buzzing overhead, navy ship guns, Marine Glocks, and troop trains arriving with loads of marching soldiers.

After the break, Bob and Phillip came back in the characters of Laurel and Hardy; both looked and played the parts very convincingly.

Bob and Marty also did a tribute to an old Carol Burnett skit where a man looking for a wife meets a woman widowed three times. The first two times the husband died from eating poisoned potato salad and the third one got his head bashed in because he would not eat the potato salad.

The show was very professionally done and highly entertaining. Another great hit for Victoria Palms.

Their next special show will be the Liverpool Legends from Branson, Missouri on Jan 19. There will be two shows at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and tickets are still available. The group was handpicked for their roles by Louise Harrison, sister of the late George Harrison.

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