Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Genres: Instrumentals, Yodeling
Specialty: Yodeling, Vocals, Alphorn & Zither

KerryChristensen_thumbNational yodeling champion and former Disney World entertainer Kerry Christensen yodels everything from Indian love calls to Alpine Swiss, German, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, cowboy, classical and humorous -- even chicken styles of yodeling.

When not performing in the Rio Grande Valley, Christensen travels both nationally and internationally doing shows. He has appeared in many competitions and was named 1995 National Western Music Association Yodeling Champion. He also yodeled for the Disney movie "Home on the Range."

But Kerry does much more than just yodel, he sings, plays alphorn and zither and is highly entertaining.

Last year, the Ripon California Arts League voted Mr. Christensen one of the top performers over the past five years and invited him to perform again. The president of the Ripon Arts League said, "We found Mr. Christensen to be an outstanding musician, performer and entertainer.... Concert attendees came away saying to members of our board that this was one of the best concerts they had ever attended."

Music Samples:

  • {rokbox text=|Tyrolean Show-off Yodel|}{/rokbox}
  • {rokbox text=|The Mountains are my Home|}{/rokbox}
  • {rokbox text=|Beer Barrel Polka/Happy Wanderer|}{/rokbox}

Booking Information:

Kerry Christensen
1454 E. Springdell Circle
Provo, Utah 84604
P: 801.226.5204
C: 801.358.0014

Additional Media:

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