Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Genres: Classic Country, Variety, Comedy
Specialty: Guitar, Banjo, Keyboard, Saxophone, Fiddle, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Pedal Steel Guitar, Drums


The Gottschalk family, known as the Star Fire Family Band from Hortonville, Wis., is in the Rio Grande Valley for another season to entertain the Winter Texans. The Gottschalks try and mix up their shows, to have something for everyone. In Texas, they perform a Branson style show with music, comedy, audience interaction and just plain fun.

This family consists of Mom and Dad (Susie and John) and their two sons, Jalen age 16, and Josiah (Joe) age 14. Dad plays guitar and banjo. Susie plays keyboards, guitar, sax and fiddle. Jalen plays the big upright bass and electric bass. Josiah plays fiddle, guitar, drums, and new to the show this year, pedal steel guitar.

“It’s funny, we never figured on a family band,” says Susie. “In 2008, Josiah picked up the fiddle and started to play. We joke around about John asking Susie not to teach him. You see, Susie flunked out of band in grade school.” So Josiah takes lessons at the local college in a string project. The college has students teaching students in a group setting. Josiah loves it. He plays all the time and is on the Internet looking for something to play along with on violin and guitar.

“Jalen, on the other hand, we don’t get to hear play much. His guitar is electric and he hooks himself up to headphones,” added Susie.

Music goes way back on both sides of the family. John had performed with his dad since he was seven. Susie performed with her brothers and folks in a family band also. In fact, Susie’s folks performed music in the RGV for many years. Winter Texans may remember Don and Lori Behm, better known as “The Behms.”

The Gottschalk family likes to play a variety of music. Mom and Dad were raised on  classic country.

For more information call 920-667-4443.

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For more information call:    920-667-4443  or visit our website for upcoming dates, demos, and bios.

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