Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Genres: Country, Classic Rock
Specialty: Guitar, Keyboards/synthesizer, Vocals

2012 LloydNPeggyJPG TNSince 1999 we have lived full time in our motor home / tour bus and travel wherever the music takes us. Every winter is spent playing in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Then, we head north for the summer to find other opportunities to perform. There is nothing we like better than looking out from the stage and seeing those heads bobbing and feet tapping.

Lloyd plays guitar and sings, while Peggy plays keyboard/synthesizer, harmonica, and sings.

Normally, we perform as a country/rock duo, but sometimes bring in additional musicians for a particular event. Peggy plays a very high quality Yamaha keyboard/synthesizer and is able to bring in the sounds of many other instruments such as bass, drums, steel guitar, sax, even a full orchestra if needed. All of our cover songs are done to our own personal arrangements and we also perform some of our original music.

Something that sets us apart from most other bands is that, as longtime Austin residents (the live music capitol of the world), we are exposed to scores of independent artists who play the local Austin scene. We work some of this unique music into our set and audiences seem to really appreciate the new material.

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Lloyd and Peggy Morris
PO Box 331
La Feria, TX 78559
P: 512-456-3677