Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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When management and activities work as a team it's a beautiful thing! The activity director has the freedom to be creative and management has less complaints from the residents and the people enjoy their retirement. Sounds so easy, doesn't it?

There are all kinds of activity directors. Some are volunteers because no one else will do the job. Some are paid to do their job or receive free lot rent or other perks. And some serve on committees where a group of people make the decisions. All are important. Activities isn't just something to keep the "old people quiet", it's the lifeblood of the park. It can be the difference between your park barely surviving or your park thriving and growing. If you have a good activity director, do everything you can to keep them. Let them know they are appreciated. If you don't have a good activity director, get one! Work with them and watch your park grow and improve. Healthy, growing 55+ parks are the lifeblood of this Valley. Let's make them stronger by working together, not just seeing what the bottom line for this month gives us. Look at the big picture! Retirees come south to enjoy their retirement. Let's do everything we can to make them happy and keep them happy and then we will all be winners.

One last idea: Let's make March 1 each year Activity Directors Appreciation Day. Show your activity director or activities committee how much you appreciate their hard work during the Winter Texan season. They've spent a lot of time creating ways for you to enjoy your retirement more. Appreciation will keep them coming back year after year and will make our parks stronger and healthier.

Article written by Billie Ferguson. She and her husband, Robert, have been involved in activities for 12 years and have worked at 4 different parks. Robert is currently the president of the Rio Grande Valley Activity Directors Association, a position he has held for the last 11 years. Contact information: Billie 865-253-2514 Robert 574-361-2947

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