Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Many parks have different types of activities, but few have drama groups that present plays. Valley View Estates in Mission is an exception to that rule. For the past eight to 10 years the Winter Texan subdivision has had a theater group led by George Dicken, a retired drama and journalism teacher from Marion, Indiana with 55 years of experience with school and community plays.

The residents present one play a year, always a comedy. This year’s play will be Chatterton Country Club. It will be presented March 2-3 at the park’s recreation hall.

“We chose this play,” states Dicken, “because the residential country club inhabited by senior citizens, is very similar to our park.”

“All the residents of the Chatterton Country Club talk about each other and get into each other’s business just like they do in a Winter Texan subdivision,” he added. “The way the residents interact is what makes the play funny.”

In this case the Women’s Council of the Chatterton Country Club is upset with the scofflaws, the people who are violating the laws of the subdivision,” explained Dicken. “They are determined to do something about the violations. All sorts of situations arise as they attempt to bring the scofflaws into line with subdivision ordinances.”

Those participating in the play include Wayne Carver, Allen Rohne and Marcia Kaps. Other performers include Judy Kreps, Sylvia Bork, Judy Shook, Marilyn Jurrens, Nancy Johnson and Marilyn Witzel.

Dicken says the play has three acts. While the actors are changing the scenery, other members of the group who do not have roles in the play will provide entertainment.

The first interlude will include a tribute to comic Shelly Berman, who died last year. The second interlude will be a tribute to Patsy Cline where a member of the group will mime one of Cline’s Songs, “I’ve Got Your Picture; She’s Got You,” while providing humorous actions during the song. Another interlude will be a tribute to Abbot and Costello, the famed comedy team of yesteryear.

Those performing in the interludes include George Dicken, Diane Bird and Brad Bork. Bork will also do a tribute to his home town.

Other participants include Kathy Dahl who is technical director and Loretta Terstig and Carol Blair who are house managers.

“We think everyone will enjoy this comedy because it is so close to what life is like in the parks,” stated Dicken. In the past, we have done similar comedies which as “The Mop Ladies” featuring a group of ladies who clean a building, and “The Pie Ladies,” which was about a social in a church basement.

Dicken stressed that everyone who participates is a volunteer. Valley View Estates is a relatively small park but the residents have a lot of fun with their annual play.

Anyone who enjoys comedy performances and wants to join the fun can contact Dicken at 765-998-7886 or simply buy a ticket at the door. Performances are at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5. The play will be presented in the Valley View Estates recreation hall located at 2100 Vernon Avenue, in Mission.

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