Monday, July 22, 2019
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20181110 Sweetwater band at Trophy Gardens Miller 2272It didn’t take long for the dancing to kick into high gear. In fact, the dance floor was a popular place as soon as long-time band Sweetwater played its first song on Saturday at Trophy Gardens RV Resort in Alamo.

The dancing really didn’t stop. Whether the band played “Going to Kansas City,” “Amarillo by Morning,” “Mustang Sally,” or “Footloose,” the crowd had a case of the happy feet and enjoyed the evening.

Teresa Howard twirled in her patriotic long skirt, laced with red, white and blue. Terry and Gayle Steinbeck power two-stepped around and around the dance floor at Trophy Gardens. The resort rec hall was a hot spot while Sweetwater just kept pumping out the tunes to the delight of a nearly full house.

20181110 Sweetwater band at Trophy Gardens Miller 2273The band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Javier Moroles, Ken Colburn on steel guitar, Frank Zamora on bass and the “kid” Adam Garcia Jr. on the drums. Garcia just became part of the band a month ago, replacing the previous drummer who became ill and needed time away to recuperate.

The band, which has been around “for a long time, a very long time,” according to Morales, who set the tone right away for a large crowd. He said that it doesn’t always work that way. While the band is mainly country – and we’re talking from Merle Haggard to Vince Gill and newer; they can also hammer out some rock ‘n roll. They had to at a recent dance at another resort.

“The country just wasn’t working,” said Moroles, an Alamo native and resident. “There are some nights and some parks with just very different tastes. One park will be all older country, another will be rock and another will be a little of everything.

“Our job is to detect it and get it right for them.”

20181110 Sweetwater band at Trophy Gardens Miller 2323By the looks of things on Friday, the band could’ve played anything to a very anticipating crowd. During Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” a big circle of dancers formed on one corner of the floor and different dancers took turns in the center showing their was as close to a Winter Texan mosh pit as one will find.

Moroles said he almost never became a guitarist, even though he was passionate and wanted to learn. His dad bought him his first real guitar when he was about 11. Along with it came an instruction book with chords and simple songs, and a whole lot of frustrations.

“Dad bought me a guitar, but it was very hard to learn – I just couldn’t get my fingers to do what I wanted them to do,” he said. “I quit playing – honestly, I don’t know how many times I quit playing.”

However, he kept watching the Beatles and Elvis Presley and it just encouraged him to keep trying.

“It took years to be able to play a song,” he said. “First song I ever learned – I think everyone learns it – is ‘Gloria.’ You only need three chords.”

20181110 Sweetwater band at Trophy Gardens Miller 2305Moroles joined a band when he was 13 with a group of friends that were “a little better than I was,” he said. “Not too many kids could play at our age – I played bass with a regular guitar.”

One time before a practice, Moroles and the drummer were playing some Monkeys songs when someone from another band heard him singing and asked him to try out for their band.

“They had fired their singer and asked me to try out. I just happened to know all their songs,” he said. “They were college aged and already established. They were called Mark 5 and it was a lot of fun.”

The band’s name comes from all the Cowboy movies where there was a town called “Sweetwater.” They started playing in Winter Texan resorts in 2000 and can be seen playing all across the Rio Grande Valley. They’ll be back at Trophy Gardens for a New Year’s Eve dance.

To book Sweetwater, call Moroles at (956) 223-9169.

“We started out as a traditional country band and have learned a lot of songs, newer ones and rock songs,” Moroles said. “Whatever it takes to get them to pop up and dance is what we’ll play. We enjoy that.”

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