Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Victoria Palms Restaurant

It. Was. Awesome!20171207 TOV Victoria Palms FeatureImage

Just a hop, skip and jump off Interstate 2, nestled within the Victoria Palms RV Resort lies the Victoria Palms Restaurant – a virtual diamond just off the beaten path.

Actually, it's just a hop and skip off the beaten path (you don't even need the jump), and a visit to this restaurant will be worth every second, and every dime you pay.

Camilla (my 13-year-old daughter) and I visited the restaurant right before Thanksgiving – two days later we were there again (with one of Camilla's friends Ximena) for their Thanksgiving buffet – which had all the delicious traditional fixins' for the holiday, but also mixed in a few tongue-tantalizing Cajun dishes – like jambalaya and Cajun turkey. (They had the common – and amazingly moist – regular turkey there as well.) The girls enjoyed sampling several things – Ximena especially tore into everything potato while Camilla was a roll and turkey girl. It was an amazing display of a wide variety of food and people just kept coming in.

The reason we were there on Thanksgiving – and I love to cook on Thanksgiving – is because this restaurant wowed both of us just two days earlier as Camilla and I stopped in for lunch. We're both glad we did.

As usual, my daughter jumped straight to the breakfast menu – and they serve breakfast anytime. She ordered two eggs, over medium, sausage, hash browns and French toast. Just a few seconds after they placed the dish in front of her, while I was done talking to the chef, I turned to ask her how the sausage was – I didn't need an answer; they were gone and she was chewing away with the grin of a Cheshire cat.

What registered the highest for her, however, was the French toast – she described it as “soft, sweet and tasty.” She saved it for last and said it left a satisfying taste in her mouth afterwards.

I ordered the barbeque chicken with corn on the cob, Texas toast and baked beans. Yup, this was no “use your fork” meal.

It. Was. Awesome! The barbeque sauce was a little tangy, a little sweet and deliciously messy, even though the tender chicken could easily be cut with a fork just as well. The baked beans were the way my mom made them and the corn was sweet and juicy enough to make a mess by itself. Of course, Texas toast is the perfect bread for the end of the meal. Yeah, we're going back – and we may even stay at the Victoria Inn Suites, just to get away from the hustle and bustle – even if it's just a hop and skip away.

The Victoria Palms Restaurant is located at 602 N. Victoria Road. It has a full menu from burgers, to salads to fish and Mexican plates. You can also challenge the chef to make you something different – and you will always go away pleased.


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