Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Taste of the Valley

2nd Street Bistro

Yummy Mexican Food Buffet at 2nd Street Bistro

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The spanish word for “yummy,” according to spanishdict.com is “rico.” I also know that word as meaning delicious or tasty. Yummy, to me is more personal. It has a little more excitement pronouncing it – like yummmmy!

Funny how I was thinking about that while digging into the Wednesday Mexican Buffet at the 2nd Steet Bistro inside the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, located at 1800 S. 2nd St. in McAllen. I'm sure my random thoughts had something to do with the great-tasting buffet. Enchilada suizas, fajita meat, pork chops, ribs, rice, charro beans, soup and more — it was spectacular. It's the way a buffet should be.

The restaurant has undergone some nice changes since changing over to a DoubleTree. The seating arrangement is much more personal and quaint and the path to the buffet (which is crucial) is easily laid out without having to squeeze through and bother other people at their table. It's a great place for a group of friends to visit. It also is set up with a few televisions around the restaurant and an area with computers in case you want to check something online while you're there.

But, back to the food. There are multiple tables loaded with tasty foods to choose from – including one for desserts such as rice pudding, flan, cheesecake, apple pie and chocolate cake (and maybe I missed a couple) and another for salads. The salad one is a little off the beaten path – at least my path - so I remained with main table...and the desserts. I'll catch salad next time – even though the potato salad looked mighty tempting.

Not only does the food have an appealing presentation, it's fresh and it's at a temperature where re-heating is not necessary and, important for me, that isn't scalding hot. Sometimes charro beans can be nearly boiling when they are put in your bowl. These were at a perfect temperature and had wonderfully thick cuts of bacon with every spoonful.

The buffet also makes and serves fresh miniature bistek tacos on corn tortillas, served with a grilled jalapeno and grilled onions. These are being made to order while you peruse the buffet.

It's muy yummmmmy!

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