Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Enjoy being King and Queen for a day at Le Peep

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There's nothing better than unexpectedly getting more than you expect.

Such is the case every time I visit Le Peep restaurant, located at 7700 N. 10th St. unit C in McAllen – no matter how high my expectations are.

The restaurant uses the words “casual breakfast and lunch....” As far as the setting goes when you walk in, it is casual and perfectly relaxing. When the food comes out, however, you realize there's nothing casual about these meals.

I ordered the Farmer's Burger, a burger topped with crispy bacon and a sunny side up egg on a brioche bun. Not only were the flavors abundant, the presentation was amazingly appealing. On the side I had maybe the best soup I've had in years – chicken tortilla, with two fresh slices of avocado on top. The soup not only came out at a perfect temperature (and looking stunning as well) but the cup of shredded chicken, corn and tortilla strips was delicious with rich and zesty flavors. Hints of pico de gallo and jalapeno excited my mouth – but it wasn't spicy, just deliciously bold.

Among some of the more rare items that you won't find in abundance elsewhere in the Valley is Le Peep's variety of Eggs Benedict – five of them. For those of you thinking this is just a snack with an egg on English muffin (usually the reason I don't order it – I like BIG!), served only in mansions and five-star restaurants, Le Peep will rock your world. When the waiter put my daughter's order on the table, I think we heard angels singing above – it looked heavenly. The way my daughter ate it reminded me of a magician performing a disappearing act. After taking some photos and putting my camera away, poof! It was gone! The only clue there was food on our table was a touch of Hollandaise she missed wiping her mouth.

Covered in a creamy Hollandaise sauce and a tantalizing sprinkle of paprika, the order was spread out over a skillet and the flavors were distinct and exquisite. The order comes with a side of “Mom's Sassy Apples” and “Peasant Potatoes.” Finally I figured it out – yes, as described, you walk into a place to eat with a casual setting at Le Peep, but you walk out feeling like royalty.

Le Peep offers a wide variety of items including sandwiches, skillets, crepes, salads, omelets and more. Go and enjoy a casual setting with royalty-like flavors. In fact, I'm going back today – I love getting more than I expect.


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