Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Drive A Little, Eat a Lot!

20161222 Baffin Bay Seafood Logo

If you are looking for a unique restaurant with great food, drinks, and a beautiful view; head to Baffin Bay Seafood Co. A short drive east on FM 771 off of Highway 77 will take you through the South Texas Brush Country to a great view of Baffin Bay. The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the short 10 minute detour off of Highway 77. You might even see some local wildlife on the way. The attire and atmosphere is definably laid back.

While many go specifically for the drum fish ribs, there are plenty of other choices on the menu. The “fish ribs” are exactly what they sound like, the ribs of drum battered and fried to perfection. Eating the ribs is quite an experience and the extra work is well worth it. A few other menu items include gulf shrimp, locally caught fresh black drum, giant burgers, great steaks and many other choices. All items are cooked to order and prepared by hand. When the weather is nice (almost always), you can sit outside and enjoy a beer or mixed drink while overlooking Baffin Bay. Each table is greeted with a basket of crackers to top with their famous seafood sauce. The sauce is an upgraded tarter or remoulade sauce that is amazing.

Craig Alexander purchased the property from the original proprietors, the Kraatz family, in early 2015. After a complete kitchen remodel and dining area facelift, the restaurant opened back up in November 2015. Mr. Alexander has 30 years of restaurant experience and demands consistent, quality food and excellent customer service. Many of the patrons are regulars, so do not be surprised if it seems like more of a family diner than just another restaurant. The goal is to make everyone feel welcome and provide great food and a great experience.

Directions: From Harlingen take Highway 77 past Riviera, hooking a right on East FM 771 until you hit the Baffin Bay Beach. You make another right and suddenly your there, Baffin Bay Seafood Company! The atmosphere is fabulous, according to visitors making a trek to the Coastal Bend seashore. Baffin Bay Seafood Company sits on and over the edge of the Baffin Bay seashore and inside the restaurant everything is laid back and casual. Perfect for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

The address is 1294 Co Rd 2360, Riviera, Texas 78379. Phone: 361-297-5174.


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