Sunday, September 23, 2018
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When I first walked through the entrance to The Griffin Grill, I was quite pleasantly surprised at the nice décor and atmosphere of this small, but not too small restaurant. Very nice! Clean as a whistle too.

My next pleasant surprise was the menu. Such a wide selection that you just don’t see at the chain restaurants anymore. Texas Nachos, ceviche, guacamole and shrimp cocktail are just a few of their appetizers. Then there are the steaks, fish and chicken entrees. In the mood for something else? They also offer several burger choices, Paninis, sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads and soups. Of course, in South Texas they definitely offer Mexican food. Save room for dessert because you’ll love their cheesecake (New York, mango or strawberry). They also have wonderful Mexican Flan, tiramisu and Chocolate Lava Cake.

I've struggled for three days to decide what I'm going to feature from The Griffin Grill. There are just too many good items to write about. I ordered the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn. Delicious. I was intrigued when chef and co-owner Antonio told me that anytime someone orders that, a few minutes later the restaurant can hear the meat being hammered away with a tenderizer in the back – I just had to hear that, and there was no doubt about it; that's how fresh the plate is. I also realized I had already reviewed a chicken fried chicken before, so out of guilt (and since I was eating alone) I ordered the chipotle chicken pasta and ate it at home for a late dinner. It was amazing – and when it comes to Italian food, I'm kind of a snob since it is my favorite.

But that's wherein lies the problem – after talking with co-owners Rick and Antonio, I want to try other things (well, everything) – like the enchilada suizas, or the Griffin Burger. I also tried the ceviche...and I wanted to try the buffalo shrimp and the... well, you get the picture

Every tantalizing taste was fresh and terrific. What's amazing about this restaurant – located in the middle of a shopping plaza – is the wide variety of foods. From Italian to burgers to Mexican.... and it's not just your normal fare of food. The presentation is as amazing as the flavors

When the ceviche came out, after just a couple bites it was clear that there was something special, something different about this appetizer. It had a flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on and when I asked, my suspicions were correct, there was a secret ingredient! Unfortunately, it remained a secret. That's how they roll at the Griffin Grill, food with fabulous flavor.

The chipotle chicken was creamy and the mushrooms and onions and cheese and pasta were mixed in a way that every flavor stood out. Not one single item overwhelmed the rest.

Antonio is an incredible chef who previously owned an Italian restaurant in the Dallas area. Rick has been in the restaurant and hospitality business for many years. And the two of them have teamed up to deliver a superb dining experience where customer service and wonderfully prepared food rise to a level that exceeds expectations – and all at modest menu prices. It’s no wonder that The Griffin Grill has been named one of the area’s best restaurants.

Do yourself a favor and plan to enjoy a wonderful meal at a wonderful (modest) price at The Griffin Grill, located at 1906 E. Griffin Parkway in Mission. Now open for dinner. See the restaurant hours in their ad.


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