Sunday, December 16, 2018
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20181107 Scalisis Pizza 739328 GUMidwesterners yearning for a taste of home – and anyone else looking for authentic Chicago-style pizza and other tasty dishes – simply must head over to Scalisi’s Chicago Style Pizza & More. They’re located at 912 E. Nolana Loop in Pharr.

Owner Patty Scalise says the family moved from Chicago several years ago. When they decided to open a family restaurant, their passion was to serve authentic Chicago style foods.

“It tastes like home,” said Barb Stanford, a former Winter Texan who recently moved to the Rio Grande Valley from Chicago. “The lamb gyro is absolutely authentic.”

Her son, Tim, said he likes the Chicago combo sandwich on Gonnella bread. He says it is just like those back home.

Chef Carl “Chuck” Scalise makes a fresh Chicago-style dough for the pizzas and makes the sauce from scratch. The pizza is cut in squares, Chicago-style.

The restaurant offers variety of pizzas including “Scalisi’s Deluxe,” which includes one meat with an array of fresh vegetables. Or try the “Super Deluxe Four-meat Pizza.” Their Margherta pizza features fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. There are a wide variety of other varieties to choose from and they are all available in the traditional Chicago deep dish style crust, thin and crispy crust, or hand tossed crust.

Scalisi’s also serves a variety of sandwiches, including the popular Italian beef sandwich, chicken parmigiana, and others.

Another favorite is the Chicago-style hotdog with true Vienna sausages with poppy seed buns not found in grocery stores in the Valley. Look for authentic Maxwell Street dogs as well, served with celery salt, true Chicago style. Burgers are also available.

Of course, their pastas are popular, including the colorful spicy penne chicken pasta which is a favorite among Winter Texans. The spaghetti and meatballs are homemade. Look for ravioli, calzones and strombolis.

They serve a variety of fresh salads including Caesar salad, wedge salad, portabella mushroom salad and the favorite Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

If you’re in the mood for a great appetizer, you’re in for a treat. Scalisi’s serves Fried Mushrooms, Cheese Sticks and Buffalo Wings. Plus, they also offer Fried Pickles, Texas Toothpicks and Patty’s family favorite, Fried Cauliflower. My cameraman found the fried cauliflower so delicious he could not stop eating it, and it is usually hard to persuade him to eat a vegetable!

Look for traditional desserts like the Mascarpone and ricotta cheese-filled Cannoli and cheesecake. Or opt for a brownie a la mode or vanilla ice cream.

Regardless of which entrée you choose, it will be prepared in the authentic Chicago style that’ll remind you of home.

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