Monday, September 16, 2019
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Taste of the Valley

Kabob Guys: A Surprisingly Wonderful Experience in Dining

20190116 Kabob Guys Chicken Tndoori KOIf you are an aficionado of the culinary delights from the Indian subcontinent, then you will be pleased with the authenticity and variety to be found at Kabob Guys.

If you have never tried Indian cuisine, it may well be because of common Western misconceptions about Indian dining. Those misconceptions vanished with my very first bite.

On my first trip to the buffet I sampled nearly every dish offered, and not one of them fit my former idea of Indian food being overly spicy and curry-laden. In fact, owner Aamer Aman points out that every dish on the buffet is prepared mild, and if you order off the menu your dish can be seasoned to your preference. Aman knows that some like it hot, and for those that do, there are a variety of sauces on the buffet you can choose from to add a little heat—or a lot.

As we reviewed the menu, Aman pointed out several favorites such as the Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, and Beef Curry; each of which can be ordered off the menu or found on the buffet. Just like the menu, the buffet has three distinct sections.

The first section on the buffet was the Pakistani selection of meats, or Kebab – a Pakistani style of barbeque in which meat is cooked on a spit or skewer over a clay, wood-fired oven.

20190116 Kabob Guys PotNCauliflwr spices 0428Next on the buffet is the vegan selection of Indian dishes, all prepared without any animal meat or by-product. Indian food is replete with fresh fruits and vegetables prepared in many different ways. This section of dishes includes the garden-fresh flavors of the Cabbage Masala; flavorful Dal Tarka, lentils cooked with mustard seeds turmeric, cumin seeds and Indian spices; and an earthy Zera Aloo, potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, fresh coriander and Indian spices, very popular dish.

Finally, on the buffet is the vegetarian selection of dishes, desserts, and sauces. The dishes in this section may be similar to the vegan dishes as they were prepared without the use of animal meat or fat, but differ as they can use by-products so could include the use of butter, yogurt, and cheese.

You really must try Kabob Guys soon. I would bet they quickly become one of your new favorites. The full buffet is available for $9.99 anytime. Winter Texans receive a 15% discount with their coupon found on this page. Located at 137 W. Nolana Ave., Ste. 137, McAllen, Kabob Guys is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.