Monday, November 18, 2019
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Taste of the Valley

The Pit Stop..

Barbeque meant for a king

20191113 Thepitstop1

The “Over-loaded baked potato” caught my daughter's eye as she looked over the Pit Stop Smokehouse menu.

I'm usually not a fan of the loaded baked potatoes when going out. Too many times I've been served a potato that's mainly just a shell with the “overloaded” part doing nothing more than replacing the dug out actual potato part.

That was anything but the case in this instance. In fact, the potato that came out of the pit was a behemoth in itself. The sour cream, butter, cheddar cheese and brisket turned this beast into a true super heavyweight. And as far as taste – it matched its size. The hint of smoky flavor from the pit, combined with savory brisket and other toppings made this more than a meal. In fact, it truly was big enough for two.

My daughter dug in and ate to her heart's content, putting just a tiny dent into this simple food, turned reshaped into a monstrous delicacy. They told me that the potato weight about 1.5 pounds, I thought it felt like something I could curl to build up my biceps.

I went with the three-meat plate and, as usual, had difficulty deciding on which three. When I asked for an opinion on a third option after I chose lean brisket and sausage, the response came without hesitation – get the ribs. It was a great choice. Along with the meats I grabbed corn on the cob and green beans with bacon.20191113 Thepitstop2

This was a meal meant for a king. I immediately grabbed some of the moist brisket slices and dropped them in between two slices of bread, tossed on a couple pieces of raw onion and covered it all with a dab of barbeque sauce and took a bite. The mixture of flavors erupted in my mouth. I know I chewed it, but it was gone in a heartbeat.

The sausage followed suit, delectable with or without the sauce and with just the right firmness. Then came the recommendation – the ribs.

Glistening meat filled my fork as I took my first bite. They knew what they were talking about when it came to my third choice; it was how ribs were meant to be.

This is a place where you can order food that is carefully and slowly prepared by the pit masters, bring it home to family and/or friends, and celebrate excellence in Texas barbeque. A second location will be opening soon in La Feria, near Mercedes Outlet Malls.