Saturday, December 04, 2021
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November 17, 2021 - Denny's

Dennys HMiller 01 webI’m like a blank slate when I walk into a Denny’s. While I usually go for the amazing breakfasts, I’ll also visit for lunch or dinner and choose something away from my comfort zone.

That’s how confident I am in this restaurant chain that delivers consistently good food and has an amazing variety of dishes to choose from.

On this day I stopped in at the one on State Highway 107 and once again I wasn’t disappointed with my food. I took them up on their turkey dinner in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The dish comes with stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and a side order of bread. I replaced my cranberry sauce with zucchini.

I’m nitpicky when it comes to turkey, finding it often dry to my wants. This definitely wasn’t the case on this day as my server brought out a beauty of a plate with four nice sized slices of moist, white meat turkey, covered with gravy and lying on top of some fresh, soft stuffing.

The turkey met my high expectations, and then some. The gravy just added to its taste and texture.

Look, I’m one of those guys who likes to eat one item at a time from my plate, so my plan was to start with the turkey, move to the mashed potatoes, using the leftover gravy with them, then follow it up with the stuffing and then the corn. Yes, I think these things through.Dennys HMiller 05 web

However, as it so often happens at this time of year with my plate, after I was done with the very delicate and tasty turkey, the rest became a whirlwind of food; all mixed up, so each item of food was in each bite.

There’s just something about the classic Thanksgiving items that just go well together, almost like a salad. This was the case with Denny’s turkey dinner. It was fabulous and left me longing to make my own meal for Thanksgiving – but I’ll probably end up here again.

I like to think I’m a connoisseur when it comes to pecan pie, after living in South Carolina down the street from where many of the pecans that end up in pies are located. Heck, I probably was eating some of those pecans in this piece of delectable pie. It was cold, it was thick, and it was mouth-watering just to look at. I stay away from sweets as much as possible, but pecan pie has a tendency to cave in my willpower.

I brought a slice to my daughter and we both agreed – we are both going back for Thanksgiving … and maybe even before.