Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Mouth-watering Flavor and Freshness

tov build a burger 7The explosion of flavor, tasting almost every single topping, on my Bobby Burger at Build A Burger in Edinburg pleasantly took me by surprise.

This is a burger, I thought to myself. It should not be so packed with not just mouth-watering flavor, but a freshness that I have rarely come across.

The burger, loaded with ham, bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese and two tasty patties, easily shot its way up toward the top of my favorite all-time burgers just after the first bite - the vegetables providing a freshness, the bacon a crispness, and the ham and grilled onions a yumminess (is that even a word? Well it should be in this case).

Tightly wrapped when I was called to pick up my order, I was surprised at how well the burger held up and did not collapse despite its size or by me cutting it into half. Congratulations to the kitchen architect who figured how to build such a successful tower of meat. Even after I was finished eating it, I looked down at my tray and very little of the burger spilled out. That is impressive.

The aioli fries were supercharged with taste, the way aioli fries should be, and seemed to have a bit of lemon juice mixed with its garlic, salt and oil mixture that makes up the aioli sauce. It had a bite, like you would expect from a sauce with those ingredients. This just added more joy to my first Build A Burger experience, where I chose to partake of one of the specialty burgers instead of building my own.

The menu has more than burgers for those who want to adventure away from their signature items. They also offer keto burgers, hot dogs, a variety of fries and chicken tenders and have a children’s menu.tov build a burger 5

My daughter had the super popular Seattle Diggity Dog, a massive hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered in grilled onions with cream cheese and mayo. Camilla decided she did not want the cream cheese and she absolutely loved the hot dog, as evidenced by a tray that was clean when she was finished devouring her order.

Most burgers, and I have probably eaten more burgers than any other food (my parents swear my first word as a baby was “cheeseburger”), are roughly the same in my opinion. But this Bobby Burger was immense and carried multiple flavors. That, along with its size and presentation/holding together of my first burger here was a great experience. With the variety of menu items, I am sure I will be back to see what other powerful and satisfying flavors I can find.