Monday, May 17, 2021
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20201226 Griffin Grill 600pxThere is one thing guaranteed to happen when I walk out of the Griffin Grill in Mission.

I am gonna be a happy person with a smile on my face and the thought of doing a joyous cartwheel will pop in my head...for a second.

After a fresh side salad with my favorite, bleu cheese dressing, I decided on the fried mushroom as a side and avocado chicken as my meal.


The first thing I noticed about the mushrooms was they remained shaped like mushrooms. These mushrooms tasted like mushrooms perfectly coated with a tongue-tastic tasty batter. Parmesan cheese is sprinkled along the mushrooms as soon as they are done cooking. An excellent way to begin digging in.20201226 Griffin Grill 04

Being consistent in life is so critical and I feel that being consistent in the dishes customers are served should be consistent as well. You know what you are getting when you eat here if you have eaten here before. If you have not you should (it's' going to be fantastic). Everything from the refreshing decorations to the service.

The food is exceptionally good, the tastes balanced to where nothing is so overwhelming that other flavors cannot be found and whenever I am done, I'm satisfied – but always tempted to get something else.

The avocado chicken, with a creamy sauce covering, was exactly as advertised. The fresh slice of avocado placed neatly above the chicken and sauce, was mouthwatering fresh. The vegetables and side of rice also cooked to perfection and complemented the guest of honor (the actual chicken avocado).

This time – the day after Christmas, I decided for some holiday cheer with a cappuccino and some tiramisu (it was the chef's recipe – how could I NOT partake of this elegant dessert?). The coffee-flavored Italian dessert did not disappoint. The whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, cocoa (mascarpone cheese in the traditional making) and ladyfingers was smooth, not too rich, or heavy and was tantalizing along with my cappuccino.

The holidays can be stressful and, in my case this year, a little lonely as my daughter was out of town for a few days. However, on this day sitting in a beautifully decorated restaurant, listening to Christmas music quietly playing in the background, mixing with the laughs and smiles of the other patrons, having great service and an amazing meal left me smiling (from ear to ear) as I walked out yet once again.

And no, I still did not do a cartwheel – but one day....