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Winter Texan Wednesday is a program that welcomes Winter Texans and retirees to enjoy an afternoon at the Museum of South Texas History. The museum, which is located in Edinburg, features a presentation followed by a highlight tour of part of a museum exhibit. The first program, titled “Sal del Rey,” with guest speaker Joe Vidales Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 3 p.m.

North of Edinburg resides a large salt lake that the early Spanish settlers along the Rio Grande claimed for the Spanish crown. The salt lake was referred to as Sal del Rey, or “Salt of the King.” Salt at the time was considered a valuable resource because of its preservative qualities. Vidales, a Weslaco Museum volunteer, will discuss the origins of the salt lake and its importance to the native peoples, Spanish settlers and the state of Texas. Following the presentation, visitors can join a highlight tour of part of the River Frontier gallery, which includes history on a prehistoric mosasaur and Spanish exploration in the region.

Winter Texan Wednesday is included in the fee for regular museum admission. No reservations are required. Resort/park groups are welcome to enjoy this program. Winter Texan Wednesday will be a bi-weekly event at the museum with a different topic each time. For more information, please contact the museum at (956) 383-6911 or visit mosthistory.org/events.