Monday, November 18, 2019
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Clicking on the cover image of our fully interactive RGV Visitors Guide or RGV Mobile Home and RV Park Directory will open the full guide in a new window or tab in your browser. As you navigate through the pages of our directories you will be able to interact with many of our advertisers and listings by simply passing over them with your mouse cursor. If the ad or listing highlights pink, that listing or ad has additional features you may access by clicking on them.

When you click on a pink highlighted listing or ad a new window will pop up with three ways to interact with the listing or advertise:

ArrowClicking on the arrow will take you to their website.

EmailClicking on the envelope will allow you to email the listing or advertiser.

MapClicking on the map will show you a map of their location.


If you are having trouble with the interactive directories here are a few things to be sure of. Ensure your browser is allowing pop-up window. Check to make sure your web browser is running on the latest version. Be sure your browser is running the most up to date version of java (check for Java updates by clicking here). You also need to be running the latest Flash version (check for Flash updates by clicking here). If following these steps does not resolve issues you may be having with our interactive directories, there may be other settings and/or updates needed which may require the assistance of your favorite IT professional or that neighbor that is always so handy with gadgets.