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adopt a familyDuring the holiday season, the Food Bank RGV launched a new initiative allowing the general public to give directly in order to “Adopt a Family” and sponsor a family’s meals for an entire month or for the full year.


During the unpredictable and unprecedented health and financial crisis of COVID-19, the Food Bank RGV has seen the need for emergency food assistance surge seven-fold year over year and the number of people accessing support from the food bank and 275 charity partners rise to the highest levels ever. The good news, because of the generosity and kindness of Food Bank RGV supporters, partners, and friends, the food bank has been able to continue clearing the lines and closing the gap. The Food Bank RGV has realized innovative solutions are the key to helping continue to provide food for these most in need in this increasingly uncertain time.

When a donor contributes to the “Adopt a Family” initiative, a registered family in the RGV is able to visit the food bank to pick up food to sustain them for either 30 days or 12 months. Donors are encouraged to send a note or card to be included with food that families and individuals will be receiving. To maintain confidentiality, no direct family contact or personal information will be allowed or shared.

Adopting a family is extremely easy and cost effective, because .98 cents of every dollar goes directly to feeding people. The Food Bank RGV can leverage every dollar for a return of five meals. For a donation of just $10 a month, a 30-day supply of food for a food insecure individual within a family in the RGV will be provided. A donation of $40 will help feed a family of four for an entire month and for the greater impact of all, $480 will provide a food insecure family with nourishment and sustenance for one full year.

Prior to the pandemic, the food bank served an average of 753 clients a week, but now assists as many as 7,383 clients per week through the on-site Drive-Thru Emergency Pantries (DTEP). Across the network, up to 141,381 clients are now being served weekly, up from 64,000 people a week, prior to March 1, 2020.

To adopt a family, contact Philip Farias, Manager of Corporate Engagement and Special events, at (956) 904-4513 or by email at pfarias@foodbankrgv.com You may visit www.foodbankrgv.com to make an online donation anytime.

About the Food Bank RGV:

The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 and has grown to be the largest charity in south Texas based on clients served. In fiscal year 2019, over 40 million pounds of food and fresh produce were distributed to Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties and the Feeding America network of food banks. Up to 146,000 people in the Valley experience food insecurity.

Photo: The Food Bank RGV thanks you for considering a donation towards this first of its kind life changing program. Your generous gift will provide life sustaining support to families and those in the RGV battling food insecurity during the holidays and this critical time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.