Saturday, November 27, 2021
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kmbKeep McAllen Beautiful (KMB) is looking for elderly McAllen residents who need help in removing their dead landscaping affected by the freeze and anyone who would like to volunteer to help in this effort.


“Keep McAllen Beautiful received so many calls of elderly McAllen residents in our community who were asking for assistance to remove the small plants and bushes that froze and died after last month’s winter storm,” said Chris Lash, KMB program coordinator. “We know that McAllen has a servant’s heart and so we are looking for our residents who would like to assist their elderly neighbors in this effort throughout the month of March.”

Any McAllen resident who is 65 years old or older and is needing assistance to remove the frozen, dead landscaping or if anyone knows of someone who fits the criteria, should call Keep McAllen Beautiful and get their address and phone number registered. Additionally, any McAllen resident aged 16 years or older who would like to volunteer to be a part of this project, should also call Keep McAllen Beautiful to sign up with days and hours of availability and contact information.

Volunteers will be assigned in groups of no more than 10 volunteers and will remove only small plants, bushes, and low landscaping. They will not climb or remove tall trees or other vegetation. Equipment will be supplied, but volunteers will be required to wear masks and stay social-distanced. Depending on the number of applicants requesting assistance will determine how long the program will continue.

Register at or call 681-4562 for more information.

Volunteers will be provided with water, soda, and snacks, and according to Lash, “the warm fuzzies of doing good and helping their elderly neighbors.”

“Together, we are making our city greener, cooler, and more beautiful!” she concluded.