Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Texas Muralist Lupe HernandezQuinta Mazatlán is delighted to host Texas muralist, Lupe Hernandez on Thursday, April 8th from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on The Back Porch in McAllen. Hernandez’s’ presentation, “Street Art in the Park”, is a workshop on the contemporary art style known as graffiti, and the unveiling of his latest mural ‘heART of Quinta Mazatlán’ painted at Quinta Mazatlán. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of three graffiti styles and participate in an art activity.

Quinta Mazatlán continues its history of local art collaborations by adding to its living outdoor art gallery, with a mural painted by Hernandez, also known as ‘Mr. 3D’. He is known for blending his love for graffiti street art, contemporary pop art, and cubism. Hernandez has participated in many murals using the walls of buildings as a canvas. Hernandez continues to enrich the urban art landscape of South Texas from our intimate corner mural up to a three-story tall building.

Adding his mark on the City of McAllen and the historic building, Hernandez used vibrant colors and text to share Quinta Mazatlán’s core value of inclusivity and diversity. People, animals, and nature are extremely diverse and must work together to persevere. The artist illustrated the word “love” in multiple languages, while the mural displays a universal gesture of a heart created by bringing two hands together. Keeping his hands in the community, Hernandez also teaches art classes at Hinovations Art Gallery inspiring youth ages two to 17 years of age.

Lupe Hernandez is excited to share his art and knowledge with you on Thursday, April 8th at Quinta Mazatlán. The presentation is outdoors and pre-purchased tickets, $5 each, are required at While at the park, please practice the best public health protocols for everyone’s safety. For more information, contact (956) 681-3370 and follow Quinta Mazatlán on social media.


Join the famous mural artist, Lupe Hernandez, for a program, interactive activity and the unveiling of his latest mural at Quinta Mazatlán.