Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Quilt Last Suppers Jane Burch Cochran webThe Autumn/Winter exhibits at the Texas Quilt Museum once again showcase the variety of the art form with three very important diverse offerings. The exhibits will be on display through December 19.

Storylines: Jane Burch Cochran, Wendy Huhn, and Joan Schulze

This exhibit will consist of 14 works by the trio of talented quilters under this specific theme. A storyline consists of the narrative threads connecting characters and events, often with surprise twists that can complicate the main narrative as it weaves the events that hold our attention until the end.


Jane Burch Cochran catches our attention with her ornamental embellishment of beads, buttons, and paint, enhancing her narratives with an abundance of texture that keeps our eyes moving around the surface.Quilt THe Collector Wendy Huhn web

Wendy Huhn’s signature techniques of image transfer and screen-printing vividly enable her to present her tales, juxtaposing imaginary characters with mundane objects to pique our curiosity.

Joan Schulze, who is also a poet, gathers her photographs, fragments of text, and other materials into surfaces that make her stories sing, with themes of loss, personal connections, and individuality.

Miniature Art, Grand Designs, by Kumiko Frydl

The work of one of the world’s best-known quilters of smaller work is celebrated with 30 pieces in this exhibit. Japanese designer Kumiko Frydl settled in Houston after residing in Canada and Great Britain. With a background in commercial art and dressmaking, she began quilting in 1987 after she moved to Canada. Her first projects were quilted garments, and then she moved on to medium-sized quilts.

Quilt Bouquets with Tudor Rose Kumiko Frydl webBut because her husband’s job required her to relocate frequently, Frydl began to concentrate mainly on miniature quilts, which are easy to transport.
She quilts by hand and machine and has become an expert in ribbon embroidery. Her amazing miniature pieces have won numerous prizes at the major quilt festivals, and Frydl has been honored with

solo exhibitions in France, Japan, Russia, and Spain.

Hidden Treasures: Antique Quilts from the Collection of Carolyn Miller

This exhibit will feature more than 25 quilts showing some of the best of Miller’s pieces, which she began acquiring in the early 1990’s after her own quilting journey began. Museum Collections Manager Vicki Mangum is the guest curator.Quilt REd and Green Applique Quilt Carolyn Miller web

While Miller has done her own quilting by machine, she was very intrigued by the pictures of quilts in magazines with gorgeous hand quilting. In one of those magazines, she saw a small ad for a meeting in Paducah, KY, and immediately signed up for it. It was her first seminar with the American Quilt Study Group and the first session she attended was with Merikay Waldvogel speaking about collectors of early quilt patterns.

The Texas Quilt Museum is located at 140 W. Colorado St., in La Grange. Hours are Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Learn more at