Monday, February 06, 2023
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20220330 Thanks Food 2019This season is ending, and I hate to see it go. We always enjoy your time with us, and our time with you, and we sure are going to miss it while you are gone.

After a couple of years with a slow down of activities and not much to attend, we were so thankful to get out this year. We wish we could have attended more events, because there was just so much to do. We were so happy to see parks reopening and letting people in this season. It was nice to see things as they should be at most places. After all, the warmness of the parks and the community are what brings us all together.

20220330 Thanks AIMG 3864Speaking of that warmness, you do so much for the communities you live in – whether it is for your park, a special person in your park, or an organization in your city – you really do a lot while you are here. The work and care you put forth is so appreciated by all of those that receive your blessings.

Many made quilts this year, some made bears, others had fundraising events or collected food items for organizations. Some held special events to honor those that have passed, others held fundraisers to support a lost loved one.

Your dedication, your caring hearts, and your love for others is truly overwhelming and a great thing to see.

We wish to extend a special thank you to all the Winter Texans that perform community service while you are here in the Valley. These organizations struggle a bit when you leave, and your generosity and caring spirit are greatly appreciated. I know they are always happy to see you return – as we are too.

20220330 Thanks Quilt Ladies Penitas Aladdin Villas HMiller 06Some of your efforts will be seen in this issue, as they have in many other issues this year. We have been blessed to be able to attend some of these events and that you share these events with us as well.

It is uplifting to see your zest for life and all the fun times we have had together this year. We have been able to attend dances, performances, and other events where we have enjoyed meeting you.

We have been so blessed by sharing time with you at events and just talking to you. We feel we are in the right place and have been blessed by your words, your encouragement, and your actions.

We also feel blessed to have great entertainment that visits the Valley each year to provide outstanding shows and music to the parks and other events. These Wintertainers™ make each season a fun one as does the activity directors and park management. Without them, we would be sittin’ twiddling our thumbs with nothing much to do.

We are truly thankful for all that you do and bring to the Valley.

You folks are good people. You bring such good things to the Valley, and we would not be the same without you.

As always, thanks for coming and we look forward to your return in the fall. Have a wonderful summer with your family and friends.
Until we meet again…