Friday, December 08, 2023
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Go With Jo MonarchWhen you were younger, did you ever play the game with your siblings where you chose an animal that you felt most represented a member of your family? I only played it once as it seems that my siblings did not like the fact that I felt my mother was like a mother dog. With five youngsters to look after, I considered that a compliment as mother dogs are very protective of their young. Not only are they good care givers but they are also good trainers - training their young to be loyal and to defend their care givers. Now as I look back, if I were to choose what animal I would like to be, I personally would choose for myself to be an insect - a Monarch Butterfly. They are beautiful creatures.


Can you imagine - a Monarch Butterfly! First of all, the name sounds majestic, somewhat regal. And that is okay to think you might be in the earthly hierarchy. But the great advantage would be that you could fly across borders without worrying about immigration. And that is exactly what the Monarch does each fall as it flies from Canada crossing the United States into Mexico to spend the winter.... a journey of over 3,000 miles.

So far, the newspapers have not reported that insects are prone to have covid. So therein is another plus to being a Monarch Butterfly. No worries about contracting covid. As a human being the best we can do is get our vaccinations, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. Fortunately, most cities and business establishments in the Rio Grande Valley are continuing these safety practices.

Even though it would be nice to have no worries about immigration restraints and no worries about contracting covid, there is a negative to being a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. You see within the one-year migration season from Canada to Mexico and back to Canada the Monarch Butterfly has lived and died, or cycled through four generations. Can you imagine not being able to see and enjoy your children, your grandchildren nor your great grandchildren?

Nope, it' s better to be a human with all our challenges, our sorrows and our joys. Let us just remain as humans.