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bag and beach accessories kept on sandI cannot believe - nor do I want to accept - that this is the last issue of the Winter Texan Times for this 2020/2021 Winter Texan season. Where did this year go? It has just flown by. Sometimes I feel that I just stood still, and the world passed me by. What did keep me in the loop was reading every issue of the Winter Texan Times from front page to back and keeping up with what all the different parks were doing. And it was all positive.


I have a feeling that all of you have met adversity head on more than once in your lives and that you did the same with this pandemic. You organized street dances, golf cart parades with music no less so that those not in the parades could dance from their front porch and wave "howdy" to those passing by.

In many parks, the kitchen volunteer help organized, cooked, and delivered meals for those who were shut in. Most parks had sewing groups who continued to make throws and shawls for those in nursing homes.

Nothing could stop you from doing the best you could under some very trying circumstances - including a freeze that broke water pipes and left many without electricity. Hats off to all of you - in fact, let us say it is not just hats off - it is also two thumbs up.

The best I heard was just recently when a former schoolteacher decided she would become a bar tender in her park. Sometimes adversity brings out some hidden talents in all of us. Well, I am still looking for my hidden talent and it is not bartending. I would probably be talking when I should be measuring. But then we would have a lot of happy people, wouldn't we?

All in all, this year has still been a good year and you helped to make it so. You hung in there and hopefully you will spend a wonderful summer and return to bring us good will and happiness next year.

I look forward to all being vaccinated with traveling and touring returning to normal. Let us make that happen with vaccinations, masks and social distancing. I hope to see you in the fall ready and eager to explore and get better acquainted with the beautiful world around us.

Have a great summer and stay safe!