Friday, December 08, 2023
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20211229 on the road YrytsnCuoJg unsplash webIn just a few days, 2021 will come to an end and a new year begins. It is time to look forward to 2022, a New Year. It is time to make those New Year’s resolutions.

This past year was a difficult year for many. Covid 19 attacked with a fury. Many lost family members or they lost jobs and much needed income. Now we have two Covid variants to consider as we make plans for the future.


The future should hold two resolutions. First of all, let’s win the battle against covid. Second, let’s get back to normal. And how can we win the battle against covid? We should be able to win if we only follow the advice of our scientists and doctors. First, we need to be vaccinated and then follow up with a booster. Then let’s protect ourselves, our friends and our loved ones by wearing a mask.

During 2020 and 2021, most business establishments suffered. Certainly, tours and travel were affected. But even so, conscientious travel establishments continued to offer travel but with safety measures in place. Vaccinations and wearing masks were required. For those who were not vaccinated, negative tests were required before travel was permitted.

If we want to return to unrestricted travel, we need to resolve to follow the advice of the scientists and doctors who recommend vaccinations and masks. Can you make that your New Year’s resolution? Can you help the world return to normal?

During this past year, some travel agencies, airlines, and cruise ships enforced the recommendations of our scientists. Vaccinations or negative tests were required to travel. Six-foot distancing was enforced. Some cruises were even cancelled. Many countries closed their borders.

Until we can win this battle against our current enemy, we must all resolve to do our best to fight against the spread of covid. Get vaccinated. Go for the booster. Wear your mask. If for whatever reason you refuse to follow the advice of the medical experts, then be sure you test negative before you travel. Let’s resolve to do our best to get back to normal. Let’s resolve to stop the spread of Covid.