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Be thankful and generous

20221123 EstudiantinaWhat a lot of changes have occurred in our lives. For instance, how about computers! Do you remember when computers were first introduced to us? A computer for a business was so big that just the computer alone needed a whole room. Now your cell phone can act as a computer. In fact, we did not have cell phones when computers were introduced. Telegraphs were used to send messages. Well, lots of things have changed. One of the changes that has occurred recently is the introduction of electric cars. Or how about a tour to Mars?

One of the things that has not changed since its beginning is our observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. This special day is unique to the United States. And we have so much to be thankful for: a beautiful world, the birds, flowers, friends and family. Tomorrow we should all take time to be thankful for the life that has been given to us to enjoy the talent, the love and the beauty that surrounds us.

Speaking of talent - we have an internationally famous group that comes each December to the Rio Grande Valley to help us enjoy and celebrate the season. This musical group is the Estudiantina Guadalupana from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This talented group will be performing at the Payne Arena on December 15, 16 and 17 at 7 p.m. There is an admission charge and dinner is included in the ticket. Be sure to take the included trolley ride to enjoy the trail of lights. This is a nighttime event so if you do not drive at night, join a local tour company for a thrilling surprise as you enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment.

Special entertainment abounds during November and December. Almost every town has a free parade to kick off the Christmas season. Port Isabel sponsors a Boat Parade. McAllen sponsors a parade that boasts some of the largest balloon creatures to be found in the United States. Clubs and school groups will offer Christmas carols and plays. There will be something for everyone whether you are big or little, young or old. Get out! Go out and enjoy the world that surrounds us. We have so much for which to be thankful. Why not share those gifts with someone?

While we are enjoying the season, let us not forget those who may not be able to afford the celebrations. Thanksgiving and Christmas are time for sharing, not just with family and loved ones but even with those we may never know. The teachers of a study group in Harlingen give homework assignments to members of their class. Homework? What kind of homework is suitable for both young and old? Last week, the homework was "Do at least one good deed". This week, the challenge was to "Be generous". Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well - try it! What you do ordinarily doesn't count. Go above and beyond what you generally do.

Above all else - enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be thankful and be generous.