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20221109 IMG 8152 webIt’s the second week of November and getting closer to the holidays. During this time of year, we think about everything we are thankful for. It’s something we should think about more often, but it is during the month of Thanksgiving where we truly take the time to reflect.

During this week we think about all the Veterans in our lives, near and far, that have sacrificed so much for our nation and the freedoms we have. We think about the ones lost; the ones that have come back broken. We honor those that have come before us, and those that continue to serve.

Both of my grandfathers served. I have cousins that served. I have a nephew that is currently in Navy school following his great grandfather’s footsteps of being a Seabee.

We all take the time to recognize what others have done for us.

I recently drove through the Veterans Cemetery in Mission, and it was a sombering experience as a funeral was just ending. I saw many people in uniform as they said their goodbyes.

It was quite the experience to look out through the cemetery seeing the gravestones. For me, I had never seen a site like that. I had only seen pictures or videos of other Veterans cemeteries of the white tombstones that bare the name of the fallen, of the Veteran.

I am thankful for all of those that stood and gave their time to serve our country. I am thankful for those that still do serve – whether retired or not, we know you always serve in some way or another.

Thank you, Veterans!

If your park is having any special ceremonies for the Veterans in your community, we would love to see a photo or two. Any other news happening in your parks that we need to know about, or you want to share, send to news@wintertexantimes.com.