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20230308 Bentsen Grove Dances for pet rescue webLine Dancers at Bentsen Grove Resort recently held a charity marathon to benefit the Cinderella Pet Rescue in Palmview.

Intermediate and advanced dancers took to the floor at 9 a.m. under the direction of Mary Lou Lane. They were quickly joined by beginning dancers and ultra beginning dancers taught by Mary Messerli and Jodee Taylor.

Dancing continued throughout the morning. Park residents stopped in to witness the event and support the dancers with cash donations. Prior to the event, each dancer worked hard during the month of February to solicit donations from resort residents, family members and friends. True to Bentsen Grove’s reputation as generous and friendly, nearly $5,000 was raised.

The Cinderella Pet rescue is a non-profit, no-kill shelter which rehabilitates and places unwanted pets out for adoption. Bentsen Grove’s donation was much appreciated as the shelter was operating at near capacity.