Saturday, September 23, 2023
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February 8, 2023 - On the Road with Jo

20230208 JO Pizza 2 webWhy is it that we Texans like to think that we are the biggest? Is it because we want to be head and shoulders above everyone else? Is it because human nature just naturally wants to brag? Is it because we like to look down on our fellow man?

Whatever the reason, Texas does still have some bragging rights. Perhaps these attributes - maybe better to say brags - are not necessarily what we would like to brag about but it is true that some things are just bigger in Texas. These things are so much bigger that Texas has made the Guinness World Record a total of 550 times. Here are just some of the most mind boggling of those records.

Can you imagine a pizza that would cover an eight foot long and thirty-two-inch-wide banquet table? A local pizza establishment at one time offered a pizza that was three feet in diameter. My office staff decided to order one. The box holding our lunch barely fit on the back seat of my station wagon. It was good - and a novelty.

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A New Water Fountain in The RV Resort

20230208 LighterSide It Was the Water Pipe He had Hit webIt was 9:30 pm, on a dark and rainy night, when a new water fountain appeared in the RV Resort west of Mission in the Rio Grande Valley. Greg, the campground work camper responsible for guiding people to their site and getting them hooked up, was tired but dry inside the cover of his golf cart. It had been a long evening.

Help Backing in

After guiding the late arrivals to their campsite, Greg asked, “Do you need any help backing in?”

Motorhome Mal, the weary, blurry-eyed driver of the 5th Wheel, recognized Greg's reluctance to step out into the rain. “No, it's OK; my wife Anne is good at backing me into difficult places.”

Anne’s eyes rolled to the back of her head at the thought of going out in the rain. But she knew Mal trusted her backup instructions over these campground golfcart jockeys.

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20230201 Alamo Rec Expo Marquez Dennis Zanetti webAn expo born out of frustration

Born of new Winter Texan’s frustration, Alamo Rec-Veh Park in Alamo, Texas, will again host a unique Winter Texan Business & Health Expo on Saturday, February 4 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Because we’re here for so few winter months, most Winter Texans face the same dilemma Dennis and I did several years ago,” Expo organizer Barb Zanetti said.

“Our problem? How do we replace the quality support system we’ve developed over the years in Michigan? … The doctors, contractors, repairmen, restaurants, dentists, surgeons, income tax providers, butchers, and dog groomers, as well as places that offer travel, entertainment, flowers, and gift ideas?”


February 1, 2023 - Rina's Ramblings

Oh Boy! This weather is crazy! We have had such nice weather and then boom, it gets a little chilly again. But… good things are in store. It should be nice this weekend though. Nice enough to enjoy some time outside at the SPI Kite Fest.

We plan to be out at the Island on Thursday, and possibly Friday as well. We have never been to an indoor kite show. So, we are looking forward to that.

There are tons of things going on for our Winter Texans right now. There is the Kite Fest, a car show, entertainment at parks, a Gospel Fest, museum exhibits, and so much more. Our Reunions and Meetings section keeps receiving more entries too. Make sure you check all of those items out – the Parks Calendar, Events Calendar, and Reunions and Meetings.

Don’t forget the ads in our Wintertainers™ section located under the Parks Calendar. Those are parks and Wintertainers™ that advertise their events, sometimes several weeks out.

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Cool days lead to warm days

20230201 Jo IMG 1661 webI would like to think that Spring is just around the corner - but I know we could still have another freeze. I hope not - but our climate is changing. Or is it? I remember maybe eight or so years ago that we had ice on the highways as late as February 6. So even if you do want to start replanting, hold on - it is a little too early.

Even so we are having some beautiful weather right now. Low to mid-seventies is just the perfect time for long walks, trips to the zoo or maybe even a visit to South Padre Island. It's time to fly a kite, build a sandcastle or even join in the beach cleanup.

How blessed we are to be in the Rio Grande Valley. I check the temperature daily to have an idea of what to expect for the rest of the week. And of course, I want to see what the temperature is in San Antonio and Austin as that is where my children live. I was shocked a few days ago to see printed in bold letters COLD on the map for Amarillo. I am very glad I don't have to live in 21-degree weather.

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Yahoo card games bringing people to the table

20230201 Cheap Seats Yahoo Courtesy 03 webMove over Bingo, there’s a new kid in town – Yahoo (not as in yippee – yahoo is the name of the game).

“It’s really growing,” said Robert Jacques, a Canadian resident who lives at Sleepy Valley Resort in Mission with his wife from October to April and has been a Winter Texan for 16 years now. “There are ladies that arrive an hour before the game. They have their specific chair and table and toys to put on the table. They’ll bring chocolates and candies and play other things until the game starts.

“It’s really a social game.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Angels spotted at Bit-O Heaven Resort

20230201 Jam Bit O Heaven TonyOzark 03 webDo angels live at Bit-O-Heaven RV and Mobile Home Resort at 1051 W Bus Hwy 83 in Donna? You will need to visit and discover for yourself.

Friendship has always been the driving force for visitors and residents at this 55 and over park which features numerous unique activities including music jams and church services/Bible study.

The country music jams each Wednesday through March from 1-3 are preceded by lunch. The jam hosts are Steve (bass guitar) and Peggy Brown (piano) who also form one-half of the stage band. The jam announcers are Judy Hagen and Betty Thomas.

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The Twitcher

20230201 Malcom Twitchers Early Morning Stroll In Bentsen State Park webIn January, Linda and I were asked if we would like the opportunity to take a fun early morning stroll, bird watching in the Bentsen State Park with an experienced team of bird watchers known as twitchers.

So, on Saturday morning, I was up early to shave, shower, make the coffee and take the dogs for a long walk before we met this group of twitchers. But first, Linda had to do her hair.

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Kenaston Band host blind singer Justin Trevino

The Kenaston Band 4 webBy Kathy Olivarez

During the last week of January, the Kenastons, long-time favorite entertainers among Winter Texan residents, hosted blind singer Justin Trevino as their special guest.

Trevino was born in the Valley but his parents moved to Austin so he could attend the school for the blind as a child. Once a winter he comes down to visit relatives. For the past five years he has played with the Kenastons during those visits.

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