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20220319 Stuart Place Golf Course ALB 0041Our local golf courses have been attracting a lot of attention. It seems that most every golf course has made some improvement - more holes, water fountains or a re-sodding of the greens.

Some of us may not be golfers, but it must be a great game. Golfing is a fun way to exercise and a fun way to enjoy your friends and the outdoors. Now that we are having beautiful, sunshiny days, it is time to enjoy the wonderful South Texas weather.

Golfing seems to be the only game that visually seems to pit yourself against yourself. Yes, there are foursomes that often compete against other foursomes. Winning then becomes a team effort. But each member of the team has his own score actually written down and tabulated in the total. The game then becomes a challenge to each individual player to try to better their score. Is there any other game that actually keeps a written tally on each player?

You may feel that you have to be wealthy to play golf. Not true. There are public golf courses in almost every town from South Padre Island up to Rio Grande City. Yes, you will pay a fee to play and an extra fee if you want to rent a golf cart. But don't you pay a fee to see a movie or to go bowling? True - It will cost you if you want to buy golf clubs and a special pair of golf shoes.

Private courses as well as public courses are scattered all over the Rio Grande Valley. Some cities even have more than one golf course. Only members or their guests are allowed to play on the private courses. Public courses may be owned by the city or even privately owned but anyone can play on the public courses.

There are at least ten plus private or semi-private courses in the Rio Grande Valley. Fortunately, the public courses almost double that number. A poll taken by the National Golf Association showed that the Rio Grande Valley has more playable days of golf than anywhere else in the United States. So, let's play golf. It's time to enjoy our great outdoors!