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20220330 Thanks Santa meets the line of kidsIt's that time of the year. Our Winter Texan friends are departing for their summer homes. No doubt your friends and family missed you while you were gone. But we are going to miss you also. Please have a safe trip home and come back again next winter. We will be waiting for you.

We would all be remiss if we did not take the time to say thank you for all that you do for the Rio Grande Valley. You are like a breath of fresh air when you give of your time, your talents and your love and compassion to the people of South Texas. How could we do it without you?

So many of you look for ways to contribute to us. Not just with the purchases you make but with other contributions that cannot be measured. Thank you.

First of all, we need to be reminded of the used and outgrown winter coats that you bring to contribute to our needy families and children. Cold winter days are rare in our Rio Grande Valley. But when they do occur many children will stay home from school for lack of warm clothing. The coats you bring help to keep those children warm and in school. Thank you.
Not all families are able to pay for tutors to help their children learn to read or do their sums. A wonderful program called HOSTS is always looking for volunteers. And you answered the call. You "Helped One Student To Succeed" and that is what HOSTS stands for. What a blessing you are. Thank you.

And how about the quilting bees where so many of you get together to make and donate lap quilts for those in nursing homes or in a veterans' hospital? Or perhaps you were able to knit or crochet a small afghan to wrap around cold and weary shoulders. Your loving hands bring comfort to those who perhaps are no longer able to be out and about. Thank you.

At Christmas time you bring joy to those who might not receive a gift from Santa if it were not for you. You are very, very special. Thank you.

Please have a safe trip home. Until we meet again.