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20221228 BentsenGrove First Place IMG 8947 webChristmas lights and decorations were hung throughout Bentsen Grove RV Park for the Christmas holidays. Residents took to decorating their winter homes for a chance to win a prize. Winter Texan Times had the honor to help vote for the top three.

Although a lot of park residents had lights up, only 14 residents actually entered the contest. It was very hard to pick a top three. I had several favorites but had to narrow it down quite a bit. I was thankful that I didn’t have a larger group to choose from.

At one point I thought my choice was made. But then we went to the other side of the park where there was more to see.

20221228 BentsenGrove Second Place IMG 8882 webPaula told me little stories about some of the residents. Don’t worry – there wasn’t anything bad told. She told me how these holidays bring the residents together. She said one resident has a Thanksgiving get together and then the whole street does their lights after.

I loved hearing the little snippets of how the residents have made Bentsen Grove, and the Valley, home. And also, how they welcome each other and support each other during the holidays, and during the off times.

She was surprised to see one resident walking around that had recent hip surgery. Paula said she was also surprised at how many residents left for the holidays – hoping they wouldn’t get stuck in this bitter cold, making their holiday visit longer than planned.

Paula had her grandkids with her that had just arrived that day to spend Christmas in the Valley. Hearing the kids get excited by the lights added to the fun as well.
Residents had reindeer, light displays on their buildings, nativities, red and green globes, themed lights in windows, lit palm trees, and more. Of course, several had Santa, snowmen, and penguins. I thought the house that had the flying pig was particularly darling.

20221228 BentsenGrove Third Place IMG 8908 webBut I had to make a choice. My six favorites had to be brought down to three.

For third place I chose Dennis and Jean Schentzel. Their house was decorated elegantly with garland at the windows, a wreath, and a beautiful lamppost. I loved the simplicity and elegance of the décor. It had an old beauty to it.

Second place was Nancy and Charles Haerr. Theirs was just plain fun. They had lights and inflatables. There was a jazz playing snowman, penguins, and other little snowmen. The display started from one edge of their property to the other.

20221228 BentsenGrove IMG 8989 webDebbie and Bill Eastwood were my first-place choices. Their house, like several others in the park, had tiny details that made it more interesting. They had their golf cart lit up. There were displays on the porch. A large display on a side yard. They even had a little camper on a ledge lit up. The whole place was lit up with lights and detail.

I do want to give a shout out to all those that participated in making this so much fun. Another one of my favorites though, that I have to mention, is the house with the large Nativity. There was a star hung showing the way. Little messages in the windows that told of the season. It was the final sight for my eyes as we ended the drive – and I was blessed to remember the real reason for the season.