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20230104 La Floresta Golf Pro IMG 1607 webSubmitted by Arleen Bier

“There are two types of motion in the down swing: lateral and rotational,” said Casey Tippet, retired golf pro and resident of La Floresta RV Park in Mercedes. “They are the key to solid ball contact.”

Casey Tippet, from Sallisaw, Oklahoma, taught golf for 35 years. He held a Golf Clinic recently at La Floresta, where he shared his knowledge and skills with face angle, grips, the swing, and more.

Casey talked about the importance of the “tools,” which include your golf balls, woods, and irons.

“If you use the tools as they were meant to be used, they work.”

He emphasized the need for proper set up: your posture, spine angle, and ball position. He demonstrated how to affect the length and width of your swing path. He explained exactly how the swing should work, and easy ways to get to that point.

“Don’t use your hands and arms in the swing—use your body. Turn your chest to the sky… the spine angle is one of the key things,” he said. “Instead of keeping your head down, keep your spine down.”

He added, “The angle of the club is most important as it affects distance and direction. Speed equals distance…And all this happens in about one tenth of a second.”

He also explained how putting was similar to chipping, and to aim with your shoulder.

At the conclusion, Casey said, “It sounds pretty complicated. Lot to think about. Gotta practice it.”

As the La Floresta Golf Scramble began the next day, many of the tips and tricks shared by Casey were on the minds of many as the golfers teed off.

However, in the Rio Grande Valley, we are at the mercy of the wind and terrain. And as we age, we don’t have the flexibility and strength that we used to have, but we still enjoy playing the game. Casey’s clinic was very informative and should help with accuracy and distance with golfers at La Floresta.