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Harlingen Museum to display national quilt winners

20200115 01 julie wells amy schliwaThe National Quilt Museum has once again provided the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum with a beautiful quilt exhibit. The exhibit will be on display starting January 18. There will be a gallery talk on January 21 and February 21 that will provide a guided tour that will give a more in-depth description and analysis of each quilt.

This year’s quiltmakers were challenged by The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky to create original quilts based on classic Oak Leaf and Reel block patterns. Twenty-eight quilters from 15 U.S. states and Taiwan, Germany, and Israel modified Oak Leaf and Reel block designs in imaginative ways, providing a wonderful look at the skills, techniques, and creativity of today's quiltmakers. Support for the contest was provided by MODA Fabrics and Janome America, Incorporated.

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Leslie Blasing sings with heart

20200115 Leslie BlasingLeslie Blasing has been singing for over 30 years and has grown into a sensation of her own – and very rightfully earned. She sings with a heart of gold, putting her voice and talent in everything she sings.

You can always find Leslie swaying and dancing as she sings, walking through the crowd and trying to get audience members to sing with her. She stays active in feeding off the audience, performing requests, and loving the oldies – but goodies.

Originally starting her singing career in San Antonio, Leslie transferred to South Padre Island in 1994, first singing at hotels. During her career in the Valley, she was a regular at Schlitterbahn’s Shrimp Haus Restaurant for 10 years. Now she can be found singing at the Island’s main hotspots year-round at places like Louie’s Backyard, Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar & Grill, the Whiskey Room (in Daddy’s Cajun Seafood Restaurant), The Coral Reef and Isla Grand Beach Resort.

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Bob Hupp is ready to entertain you

20200115 Bob Hupp Image 005It was 51 years ago – 1969 to be precise – that Bob Hupp and his band, The Smoke Ring, performed on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand
Hupp, self-proclaimed as “Nebraska’s most dangerous one-man band” is back in South Texas for a fourth season, still rockin’ and rollin’ like no other.

Hupp, who mainly plays keyboard, but will also program his electronic drums, is a musical encyclopedia, performing songs from the heyday of rock including top songs from artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Ricky Nelson and, just, oh so more.

“I’ll also do some country like Hank Sr. or Hank Jr.,” Hupp said. “I really like the old rock and country and really like to do parties – I’ll really get after it at parties and shows. I’ll throw in some music history and throw out a gazillion little one liners, a little comedy.”

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Support UTRGV by eating healthy at Luby’s

20200115 lubys 01The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program at UTRGV and Luby’s have partnered to help you kick start 2020 on a Healthy Eating and Wellness note. Dine out at Luby’s for a good cause.

Your participation will help support student scholars and a healthy lifestyle for you and your family in 2020.

Dine at any Luby’s in the Valley on Sunday, January 19, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Luby’s has made it easy for you, and UTRGV – 15% of all proceeds from sales on that day will go toward the UTRGV Hospitality and Tourism Management program student scholarships.

Harlingen holds Winter Texan Fiesta

The City of Harlingen and Convention and Visitors Bureau will hold their 13th Annual Winter Texan Fiesta on Monday, January 20, from 1 to 4 p.m. This year the event will be held at the new Harlingen Convention Center at 701 Harlingen Heights Dr.

Cassandra Consiglio, Harlingen CVB director, said this event is a chance for the City of Harlingen to show their appreciation for the Winter Texans that come to Harlingen and visit the Valley.

“It is an appreciation day,” said Cassandra about the event.

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DHR Health will host health fair

20200115 DHR Health Fair 01DHR Health announces its 14th Annual free DHR Community Health Fair, Saturday, January 18, 2020, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance.

Dedicated to the health and wellness needs of families in the Rio Grande Valley, DHR Health clinicians will provide free health screenings, medical information, education, and health related services, including cholesterol screenings, vision exams, glucose checks, blood pressure screenings, fibroscans, thyroid scans, liver scans, medical weight loss, rehabilitation, women’s health, behavioral health, flu vaccines and much more.

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Ron Hoover RV Open House draws a crowd

20200115 ron DSC 0494Window shoppers and serious lookers had a feast for their eyes at the Ron Hoover RV & Marine Center open house Jan. 9-10.

While there is no Valley-wide RV show this year, visitors at the 14th annual Ron Hoover event sure didn’t miss it as they ambled among hundreds of RV units including luxurious motor homes, 5th wheels, travel trailers of various lengths, all-terrain vehicles, golf carts and lots of fishing boats. That is when they weren’t interrupted for a hot dog lunch, taking health screening tests given by South Texas Vocational Technical Institute students from the McAllen campus or talking to RGV Vipers basketball representatives about game promotions. And it was also necessary to get a Ron Hoover T-shirt and a ticket for the grand prize drawing.

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Oh! The Good Old Days

WEB On The Road HeaderSometimes it seems to me that maybe the old ways were the best ways. The way we used to do things maybe took a little longer, but then what were the results in the long run? And what about all those old tried and true reminders of how to behave? They never seem to go out of style. Remember what your mother used to say? “Pretty is as pretty does” or how about “Beauty is only skin deep” or “You will be known by the company you keep.” Or better yet, “If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.” And I bet you can remember many other tried and true guiding remarks that your mother said over and over and over. Maybe some even stuck.

And how did we live when we were growing up? Much, much more simply than we live today in this fast-paced world. Today the radio and television tell us almost immediately what is happening across the ocean. We stay connected all the time to people we do not even know. Would it not be better if we stayed more connected within our own families? Would it not be better if we recycled instead of throwing away what is sometimes still useful so that we can have the latest model? The latest style? The latest color?

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Softball, camaraderie and hot dogs

20200115 From the Cheap Seats 1Claude Laplante stood on the pitcher’s mound and looked toward home plate.

Walking up for his at-bat was a tall, lanky lefty. Laplante was familiar with his dangerous foe — he found an opening between first and second in his last bat, ripping a shot that rolled all the way to the outfield fence.

20200115 IMG 0641 softball

You’re up again already?” Laplante joked before delivering him the pitch – this time tossing some chin music directly at him.

Of course, this was Winter Texan softball and not the Major Leagues, so the batter caught the ball, fans and players alike laughed and joked about the “brushback” pitch and the game continued.

But on the very next pitch: Boom!

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Botanist presents talk at Quinta Mazatlán

The brilliant botanist, Benito Trevino will present on the many endangered and threatened species of plants and animals in the Rio Grande Valley. Come learn the names of these endangered species and how to protect them. Join in the talk on Thursday, January 16 at 6 p.m. for a memorable and meaningful evening at Quinta Mazatlán.

Trevino received his botany degree from the University of Texas. He returned home to the Valley in 1986 and purchased his ranch in Rio Grande City, Rancho Lomitas. Benito and wife Toni offer history and native plant tours and provide a bed and breakfast for birders, locals and Winter Texans. Benito is a grower of native plants whose customers include local ranchers, farmers, and various state and federal entities. Since 1992, he has grown and sold over 800,000 seedlings, most used for habitat restoration.

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