Saturday, December 04, 2021
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car show 4800 600pxBy Anastasia Brunson

The 11th Annual McAllen International CarFest was held this past Saturday, February 27th, at the McAllen Convention Center. On arrival, the senses were greeted by live music that echoed through the venue and the smells of funnel cakes and spiropapas. An area was gated off with marked entry and exit points making it easy for people to navigate and walk around the circular enclosure that had multiple lines of cars, as well as various vendors selling both refreshments and handmade items. Gratefully the weather was pleasantly cloudy and breezy, making this outdoor event a comfortable one.

20210227 McAllen Car Show ALB 041The cars were grouped together by type mostly, such as a section towards the front that was made up of just Corvettes of assorted years. Following were some classics and antiques, starting with a Model T that looked in perfect condition.

Across the lane were classic pick-up trucks as well, most being Chevys. Next to these were a few newer trucks and some, both classic and new, had been lowered. Then there were various hot rods, the majority were brightly colored and had their hoods up so you could closely peruse the inner workings.20210227 McAllen Car Show ALB 038

Another section that was fun to look at was the classic and modern muscle cars, a collection of Mustangs, Chargers, and Camaros spanning the years. Some had a simple paint job while a few had wraps with designs as well as other aesthetic details such as colored headlights or custom rims.

A car that drew a crowd was the Ghostbusters themed station wagon, it even had an array of awards displayed in front of it so you could tell a lot of work has gone into this vehicle across the years. The kids at the event particularly enjoyed this one.

20210227 McAllen Car Show ALB 068At the end was a variety of roadsters, some of these having awards displayed next to them as well.

I walked around three times, just to make sure I got a good look at everything at least once. There were plenty of families out, some even brought their dogs to enjoy the festivities (the dachshund with goggles was a crowd favorite). Many people were posing with or taking pictures of their favorite vehicles.
Overall, it was an enjoyable event and great way to spend some time outside.