Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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patient getting their vaccineSAN DIEGO, CA –, a website connecting U.S. residents to COVID-19 vaccine appointment availability information nationwide, has fully launched. Residents can check vaccine eligibility, find links to appointment assistance (including hyperlocal vaccine hunter volunteer groups and waitlist details) and sign up to be alerted when more vaccine appointments and information becomes available.

COVID Shot Finder was designed by healthcare professionals in response to frustration in finding basic appointment information. More than 10,000 visitors have now used the site to access data from all 50 states. It is the first of its kind to aggregate and simplify nationwide information. The website includes vaccine eligibility information and links to appointment waitlist information by county, including 50 of the largest counties in the U.S. Step-by-step information on how to book vaccine appointments for eligible U.S. residents is also available.

“As the COVID-19 vaccine process has rolled-out differently across the country, we’ve seen technology hiccups and appointment scheduling issues make delivering the vaccine more difficult than it needs to be,” said Dayne Katz, co-founder, COVID Shot Finder. “To help, we’ve created one place where all residents can search in English and Spanish to find out where vaccine appointments are available in their area, eligibility timelines and how to sign up when it’s their time.”

COVID Shot Finder aggregates and simplifies available vaccine roll-out information by state and county. As states implement vaccine rollouts under different timeframes and eligibility definitions, understanding when and how to sign up has been confusing. The COVID Shot Finder email alert newsletter provides updates on U.S. vaccine efforts and pre- and post-vaccine information and tips. Telephone numbers for each county listed on the website are also available to assist residents who cannot book appointments online.

“ has arrived at the perfect time. This essential tool, available in English and Spanish, can be used to reliably schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments at a variety of local sites,” said Dr. Dan Shein, COVID Shot Finder advisor.

In addition to state and local government information, the site includes appointment links to the nation’s biggest vaccine providers, including supermarkets and pharmacies, health systems, and urgent care clinics. The online resource is free to use and aims to help people find COVID-19 shots faster.

“We’ve already seen that in some areas, underserved populations are being vaccinated at lower rates because appointment times are scarce and the technology needed to secure one is difficult to use,” said Dr. Allen Naygauzen. “To ensure all Americans understand when, where, and how to get vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s important to make the process as simple as possible for all. That’s why we created as a resource for all Americans.”

COVID Shot Finder creator Dayne Katz worked previously at Walgreens, where he assisted in managing business operations across California and New York. Dr. Allen Naygauzen is a physician working on the front lines at a Philadelphia hospital. Project advisor Dr. Dan Shein is a New York-based surgeon.

For more information or to sign up for alerts, visit If you are a healthcare organization or strategic partner looking to participate in the online tool please contact