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20221019 SPI Various CAB 5607 webHello and welcome back to south Texas! We are so excited about what this year will bring. Parks are open for activities, the borders are open, and so many things have gone back to normal after a couple of years of conducting things a little bit differently.

The Rio Grande Valley is such a great place to be. Great weather, great people, and great friends. I am looking forward to the cooler, but not too cool, temps. It’s almost always comfortable during the season – minus a couple of freak weather instances from time to time – but we don’t need to talk about those.

It looks like activities are opening at most of the parks. While some don’t get too busy until about December, we have seen many parks submit their activities for the entire year, and it’s impressive. They are eager to have fun and have you join them.

I have also been talking to our Wintertainers™, those wonderfully talented entertainers that come to the Valley just to entertain you. They are excited to be coming as well. Many have full calendars this season and are already booking for next season. We can’t wait to join you out at some shows this season.

20191116 Texas Trails Hog Trough HMoering 0175 webWe have so much happening in the Valley right now. Festivals are starting up in just about every Valley city. Ones right around the corner include the Butterfly Festival, RGV Birding Festival, a Poetry Festival, even a Filipino Festival. Look for these stories in this issue, watch the calendar of events, and future issues for more festivals and events throughout the Valley.

Many cities are celebrating cultural activities such as Dia de los Muertos events. These celebrations usually go into November. Look to your local museums and cities to see what they might be hosting this month. Museums like Museum of South Texas History (MOSTH), International Museum of Arts and Sciences (IMAS), the Weslaco Museum and Mission Historical Museum (MHM) all have exhibits. Several have already had their celebrations, but MHM (900 Doherty Ave.) will have theirs on October 29 from 4 to 9 p.m.

I am sure some of the parks like to have trick or treaters around for Halloween. Please be aware of those in your neighborhood and around your community. If you are having any fun activities at your park for Halloween, we would love to see photos – please send them in if you can.

20200115 Ranchero Village Ranchero Speedway HMiller 0009 webLet’s also remember some of the other entertainment our community provides. Since things are opening again, you can enjoy the symphony, and events and concerts at UTRGV and the McAllen Convention Center. So, this year look forward to enjoying a lot of in-person entertainment. And with the holidays just a month away, there will be plenty of opportunities.
We will try our best to keep you informed of the happenings around the Valley ahead of time so you can save the date for events you want to attend.

We are always looking for the great story out there or in your park. Many parks have interesting people that others should know. Some parks have interesting events like hog scrambles and derby races. We want to know about these events and people. And if you can’t write the story, we can send out someone that can.

If you have a great story idea, we love new suggestions and hearing from you. Send us your ideas to news@wintertexantimes.com. Some types of stories we may be interested in could be profile pieces, unique activities, or events in your community, how your park is involved in local charity work, or any of the myriad of great human-interest stories we stumble across all the time in our Winter Texan parks.

We here at the Winter Texan Times hope you found your way safely to your South Texas home and enjoy your stay with us this season. We are here to help you along the way.