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20221116 Kansas Day HMiller 5599 webWinter Texans gather near and far

Looking through our past issues we find snippets that parks have sent in about their activities, what they did during the summer, and what they are doing now. Not much has changed since 1987. Many Winter Texans still feel the same way about the Valley, and about getting together with friends.

“We, Winter Texans are like a lot of snowflakes descending upon the sunny south,” said Jeanette Thornton of Snow to Sun in 1987. She went on to say, when we left northern Indiana before daybreak on November 20 it was snowing. When we arrived Sunday, November 22, the sun was warm and welcome.

“Friendliness is a key asset,” she said of her park. “Folks came over to welcome us, give us some hugs, stop for a minute and bring us some news. There are always newcomers to look forward to meeting.”

20221116 Bit O Heaven 2nd Annual RC Showdown CAB 1894 webShe went on to describe two summer get-togethers they had with fellow park residents while they were up north. One get-together had nearly 100 park residents gathering at Dawson’s Lakeside Campground in Minnesota.

Thornton was looking forward to upcoming holiday celebrations at the park and reuniting with friends from previous seasons.

Morningside Travel Park, Tradewinds, and Magic Valley all shared Thornton’s sentiment on the holidays and upcoming get-togethers. The parks were having Thanksgiving events and already planning things for Christmas.

They also announced shuffleboard competition winners, and how the pool hall was buzzing with groups. All these happy times as friends new and old were getting together to catch up and share the latest news.

Today, we still have groups that get together on a regular basis. This is why we supply a Reunions and meetings column each week. We do know things don’t really start picking up until after the holidays, but there are still people enjoying time together.

20221116 35th webIn the spring there is a huge Kansas Day get-together. There are sports groups that get together like the Veterans softball league. And other likeminded individuals get together for golf games, pool, and R/C racing.

Our Valley parks also have a huge group of Red Hatters. These Red Hatters get together about once a month, sometimes more often, to enjoy each other’s company, visit a local site, and eat some local food. They also get together up north or go to national events. They are a fun group of ladies.

So, while you are out there enjoying your time with friends, let us know what is going on in your park. Send a photo of your gathering. Let us know what you are up to now and then. We would love to share what you are doing with our readers. And we love to see photos of smiling faces. Send your gatherings to news@wintertexantimes.com. Also send to that email if you have a bigger reunion or meeting taking place.

We love hearing from you!