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20221214 Square Dance GU 3800 webParks share their news

When you look through our first few years of the paper, you see some really good stuff. I am loving taking this look back and seeing what we have done before, how we have changed, but also how we have kept to our purpose – of getting the news out to you.

In our younger years we included a lot of highlights from parks. These were mainly submissions by the activity director or manager at the park. We still do that today when a park sends in their news too.

In those younger years though, submissions, or parks, had some snazzy standing heads they used.


20221205 113617 webJottings from Oleander Acres; Snowflakes in the Sun (Snow to Sun); Morningside Hi-Lites; Magic Valley News; Split Rail ‘Corral Notes’; Ranchero Village Happenings; Ramblings from Restful Valley; Newsy Notes (Southern Comfort Resort); A Bit O’ This – and a Bit O’ That (Bit-O-Heaven); Adobe Wells Droplets; The Crowing Rooster (Bentsen Palm RV Park); Fiesta Village Potpourri; Swingin’ On the Green Gate Grove; Tradewinds Breeze; Trophy Topies (Trophy Garden RV Resort); Living it up at Citrus Valley; Howdy Y’all from Casa Del Sol; Pine to Palm Platter; Quidnunc From Bentsen Grove; and Trails End Tattler. And then there were others with just their park name at the top.

20221205 113545 webThese entries included anything from a new entertainer visiting the park, someone introducing a new card game, how many new residents they had, how the Thanksgiving celebration went, or which organization was holding a fundraiser.

A lot of them are quite interesting. One from Split Rail talks about a couple that took a trip to Japan and had an interesting time. They talked about how the taxi driver took two hours to find their son’s house and how impressed they were with the cleanliness and courtesy of the Japanese people.

Then there is another that talks about the Christmas celebrations they had at the park. They mention a candlelight posada and an event that was coordinated by their Scandinavian residents. The event included a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of lute fish and lefse, Swedish sausage, and Swedish yifta.

These are the kind of news items we love here at the Winter Texan Times. We love to see what is happening in your park.

Today we include some bigger stories about what is happening around town and in your parks. But the more news we have about you, the more we can feature you, our readers.

We invite you to send in your “ramblings” about what is happening at your park. Designate someone to do a little write-up about once a month and send it to us. We would love to share your news with our readers. And if you have photos – please send those in as well. Photos speak volumes about what you are doing.

You can send your news items to news@wintertexantimes.com.