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PVAS dog 1 webThe cold fronts have pushed through, giving us a preview of the harsh winter weather we can expect in the coming weeks. While many embrace the crisp air with excitement, curling up on the couch with hot chocolate and a good movie, shelter pups don’t have the luxury of enjoying this temperature drop. Nearly 500 Palm View Animal Society (PVAS) dogs are housed in the outside kennels, and the pets rely on donated blankets and cuddling up with one another to stay warm and dry.

Can you provide the gift of warmth and open up your home to foster a dog in need this holiday season? The pups don’t need much except a warm place to lay their heads and food to fill their bellies, so if you have a little bit of space for an extra guest this holiday season, stop by the Trenton location any time during operating hours (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to pick up a foster dog.

Not able to foster a dog at this time but still want to help keep them warm? Consider donating instead. When temperatures drop significantly, PVAS turns to heaters in the outdoor kennels to keep the dogs comfortable. After running the heaters nonstop during this past week’s cold front, the shelter has run low on kerosene to fuel the heaters. You can help by donating funds to help cover the expense of a new shipment the shelter greatly needs.

By leaving a monetary donation, your gift will help the shelter purchase the kerosene required for warming the kennels. If you live locally, you can also drop off kerosene at the Trenton location.

Visit at 2501 W. Trenton Rd. in Edinburg to find out other ways you can help. Or call at (956) 720-4563. Recent food donations have helped tremendously. You can also become a dog food sponsor. Call and find out how.