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20221221 Lemon Tree Inn Pancake Breakfast KO 9716 webWinter Texans celebrate the holidays

Over the years we have had the pleasure to share how our readers celebrate the holidays. We have so much to do in the Valley during the holidays, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
Winter Texans love celebrating with others. You love to have get-togethers. You love to have parties. You love to have dinners. And you love to go places together.

During the holidays, various Valley cities have activities they invite the community to. We have been able to showcase these activities throughout the years and share pictures of Winter Texans enjoying these activities. While activities abound, Valley parks are also full of their own activities.

20221221 Weslaco Mid Valley Lighted Parade VGI 9835 webValley parks hold parades, dinners, happy hours, dances, and more. Some parks have Christmas decoration contests and cookie exchanges. Other parks gather and share presents with games like White Elephant or rolling the die to see which way the gift goes.

No matter where you look, there is always something to bring a smile to your face during the holiday.

And during these functions, there are parks that gather gifts for their community. Gifts gathered can be so many different things. Parks have gathered socks, toys, coats, canned food, and other necessary items their community might need during the holiday season.

We have featured many of these Christmas giving functions over the years.

Along with the various activities in parks and cities, museums and art galleries also have their own activities. Most museums throughout the Valley host Christmas Tree Forests during the month of December. These trees are decorated by community members and usually decorated with a theme in mind. Some parks also have a festival of trees, like Golf View Estates did this year. Then you have the Zoo that does a big light display.

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season as we all look to the new year. We hope you have been able to find some joy, laughter with friends, and some good food and treats.