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19881202 Downtown Mission Conway at 10th St webThe Way We Were

Now… although it was written 35 years ago, I think there might still be some that can relate to what will be shared here this week. We think about all the changes that have happened in the past 35 years with the paper, but as we get older, we also know things change all around us. I do think I need to find a more updated version in the next few years.

Like in a previous throwback when we talked about computers. Things are ever evolving around us. We can’t stop it, but sometimes we do wish for those simpler times.

This was originally published in the February 12, 1988, issue of the Winter Texan Times.

“I have been asked for this bit of humor which has been making the rounds the last couple of years, to be put in the paper. This has been read at a number of Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations – Virginia Sunderman.

We were before Television, before Penicillin, the Pill. Polio Shots, Antibiotics, and Frisbees. Before Frozen Food, Nylon, Dacron, Xerox, and Kinsey. We were before Radar, Fluorescent Lights, Credit Cards and Ballpoint Pens. For us, time sharing meant Togetherness, not Computers. A Chip meant a piece of wood. Hardware meant hardware and Software wasn’t even a word. In those days, Bunnies were small Rabbits, and Rabbits were not Volkswagens!

We were before Batman, Rudolph the Reindeer and Snoopy, before DDT and Vitamin Pills, Vodka (in the United States) and the White Wine craze, Disposable Diapers, Jeeps and the Jefferson Nickel. Before Scotch Tape, the Automatic Shift and Lincoln Continentals.

When we were in College, Pizzas, Cheerios, Frozen Orange Juice, Instant Coffee and McDonald’s were unheard of. We thought Fast Food was what you ate during Lent!

We were before FM Radio, Tape Recorders, Electric Typewriters, Word Processors, Muzak, Electric Music and Disco Dancing. We were before Panty Hose and Drip Dry Clothes, before Ice Makers and Electric Dishwashers, Clothes Dryers, Freezers and Electric Blankets, Before men wore long Hair and Earrings and women wore Tuxedos. We got married first and lived together afterward. How quaint can you be?

In our day, cigarette smoking was fashionable and Grass was mowed! Coke was something you drank and Pot was something you cooked in.

We were before Coin Wedding Machines, Jet Planes, Helicopters and Insterstate Highways. In those days “Made in Japan” meant junk and the term “Making out” referred to how you did on an exam.

In our time, there were Five and Ten Cent Stores where you could buy things for five and ten cents! For just one nickel you could ride the Streetcar or buy enough stamps to mail one letter and two postcards, or make a telephone call. You could buy a new Chevy Coupe for only $600, but who could afford one back then? Nobody! A pity, too, because gas was only 11 cents a gallon.

We were not before the difference between the sexes was discovered, but we were before Sex Changes. We just made do with what we had.

This is the way it was back then – this is “The Way We Were’ and we loved it!

(And weren’t we gay?)

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