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20231202 SPI Lighted Boat Parade 0003 webBy Anastasia Brunson

The weather was comfortable, and the festivities were plentiful at the Lighted Boat Parade that took place at South Padre Island on Saturday, December 2.

Thankfully the drizzly rain and lower temperatures had abated just in time for this outdoor event, allowing families and couples of all ages to enjoy viewing and partaking in the celebration.

I ended up at the ending point of the parade at 211 W. Whiting St., finding a good spot along the piers to view the boats decorated with Christmas lights and décor that floated up and down Laguna Madre Bay. I don’t know very much about boats, but I can tell you that there were various types and sizes all decked out with brights lights and sparkling tinsel, one boat even had a tall Christmas tree structure.

Besides having the opportunity to view the parade, there were also food trucks and vendors around, giving you options for snacks or to peruse local businesses. In the grassy area was a festive bounce house and a machine blowing fake snow. Before 7 p.m. the announcer let everyone know that a firework display would begin shortly at 7:15 p.m. sharp. Seeing a firework display over the water is definitely something one should check out if given the chance.

Once the parade was over people still dwelled about, some even walking over to one of the various nearby restaurants. Luckily there’s always plenty to do within walking distance at SPI.