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Gladys Porter Zoo Giraffe BB2A4539edit webRocket the Space Giraffe is embarking on a wild adventure in her brand-new book, Wish Upon a Star, written by Suzanne Shepard and illustrated by Tilia Rand-Bell. Rocket’s Wish Upon a Star is available for purchase on Amazon and at the Gladys Porter Zoo’s gift shop. Proceeds from the book go directly to the GPZ for the care and feeding of Rocket and her animal friends.

Come along with Rocket the Space Giraffe and her best friend Cosmo, a ring-tailed lemur, as they visit the planets, meet new friends, and wish upon the stars. Join in on the fun as they dance on the moon, land on Mars, and skate Saturn’s rings. Along the way, they learn that as long as you have love in your heart no matter where you go you are home.

Inspired by a real giraffe named Rocket at the Zoo, the new book launched on November 30 and was already listed as Amazon’s #1 New Release in Children’s Humorous Poetry. This rhyming book with its magical illustrations is sure to capture the hearts of many.

Best-selling local author, Suzanne Shepard released the first book in the series, Rocket the Space Giraffe, last year and it quickly became the #1 New Release in Children’s Zoo Books on Amazon.

“Rocket is such an incredible giraffe, and I’m excited to expand on the Rocket the Space Giraffe series. I hope that everyone enjoys the book and comes to the Zoo to meet the real Rocket,” says Shepard.

Rocket is a 5-year-old giraffe at the Zoo in Brownsville. She is a friendly girl who is always the first to greet guests at the Giraffe Landing Feeding Experience and never turns down a leafy treat. Her outgoing nature is what first drew Shepard to her and where the idea for the books began.

Rocket’s Wish Upon a Star is available on Amazon.com and at the Zoo gift shop.

For more information, visit www.gpz.org.