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This holiday season has arrived with many surprises and unexpected changes for the Rio Grande Valley Humane Society (RGVHS). The Harlingen shelter will be going through a transition period in the weeks to come.

The City of Harlingen will no longer be in partnership with the Rio Grande Valley Humane Society. 

The RGVHS at Harlingen will relocate to 2729 N Expressway 77, Harlingen. This new location will host RGVHS’ low-cost community clinics, spay/neuter clinics and be the main location for our Harlingen foster programs.

At this time, RGVHS' sole focus is on saving as many dogs and cats at our Harlingen location through adoption or foster. Currently, 48 dogs reside in the Harlingen shelter and need an outcome through adoption, foster or rescue immediately. The safety and live outcome of the 48 dogs onsite is not guaranteed at our current location.

Please help RGVHS save the animals in our care in Harlingen. Your support is needed now more than ever before.

Consider joining our life-saving mission by adopting, fostering, donating, and advocating for our Harlingen animals today.

Save a Life by visiting www.rgvhs.org/adopt. The Rio Grande Valley Humane Society remains committed to saving lives and making a positive impact in our life-saving mission to make the RGV a safer place for pets.