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New Farmers Market in Mission webBuena Vida 77 Farmer’s Market will debut this weekend on Sunday, January 7, at Bannworth Park Pavilion in Mission. The market will be held from 2 to 4:30 p.m. and will continue every Sunday thereafter. Bannworth Park is located at 1822 N. Shary Rd.

While many vendors have already registered, there is still an opportunity for interested vendors to join. The market aspires to grow continuously, welcoming vendors at any time. More importantly, community members are urged to attend and demonstrate support – admission is free.

Vendor guidelines can be found on their website at buenavida77gardens.com. For inquiries, you may also reach out to Norma Ayala via email at gardendivanorma@gmail.com.

Birth of Buena Vida 77 Gardens

Farmers Market 02 webThis is an endeavor that has been in the works, or minds, for a while now. In the year 1977, Apple unveiled the revolutionary Apple II, marking the advent of mass-produced computers. During that same year, a close-knit group of friends, having traversed various elementary schools, converged into a single junior high school, and eventually graduated together as the Mission High School class of 77.

The bonds of friendship among these classmates have evolved into a desire to contribute meaningfully to their community. Norma Ayala had recently returned to the Valley after making significant contributions to a Farmer’s Market and managing her own farm garden elsewhere. She shared her experiences at a recent reunion, and the ideas began to flow.

Inspired by her endeavors, the classmates decided, “For the community, let’s start a community garden and a community Farmer’s Market.” It was then that Buena Vida 77 Gardens and Buena Vida 77 Farmer’s Market were conceived.

Currently, the Buena Vida 77 Community Gardens are flourishing with fresh vegetables and herbs. True to the ethos of a community garden, crops thrive not only in designated farming spaces, but also in the backyards of community members.

This initiative is genuinely open to the community. For additional details or volunteer opportunities, visit their website or send Norma an email. The gardens has regular classes and offers to teach others how to start their own garden.